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Fair Share Tuition FAQ's

When is Fair Share Tuition determined? Incoming freshman families who wish to access Fair Share Tuition should apply online for Fair Share Tuition support at least 2 weeks prior to their registration appointment. 
Do I have to be Catholic to apply for financial assistance?  No, all students who are admitted to Gonzaga Prep may apply for financial assistance through our Fair Share Tuition program.

How is my Fair Share Tuition calculated? 
We ask all families to pay as much toward the full tuition as they can but at least as much as our published tuition guidelines. Our Fair Share Tuition guidelines are based on your gross family income. Please see the Fair Share Tuition guidelines on the Fair Share Tuition page on our website.

What information do I need to apply for Fair Share Tuition? The FACTS online application for Fair Share Tuition will ask for the following information:

Name, social security number, information from your most recent federal income tax return, other non-taxable income, certain monthly or annual expenses, debt payments, savings and investment balances

You will also need to upload, fax or mail the following documents:

  • 2019 federal income tax return - all schedules
  • 2020 W-2 for all parents
  • Business owners:  Please submit Schedule C or Schedule E from your 1040 and any K-1's from LLC's or S Corporations.
  • Supporting documents for Social Security Income, welfare, child support, food stamps, workers compensation and TANF.
What is included in gross family income for the Fair Share calculations? We consider the following in the Fair Share guidelines:
  • Salaries
  • Investment income
  • Self-employment income
  • Social security payments
  • Disability payments
  • Rental income
  • Income or cash distributions from LLC’s, S Corporations, or partnerships
  • Retirement/pension distribution
  • Child support
  • Other income

We may make adjustments from what is reported on your income tax return for things like net operating losses, capital loss carried forward from previous years, depreciation deductions or self-employment taxes. 

How is Fair Share calculated for students whose parents are not married? In situations where a student’s parents are not married, the Fair Share Tuition will be calculated based on both parents income, including any step parents.  Each parent should separately complete the FACTS online Fair Share Tuition application.  We can have separate tuition contracts for each parent, if the family desires.

Do I have to go apply for Fair Share each year? No, families generally only apply for Fair Share in their first year at Gonzaga Prep.  In future years, the Fair Share amount will be increased by the rate of tuition increase – (e.g. if tuition increases next year by 3%, your fair share tuition amount will increase by 3%.)  Tuition renewal statements are sent to each returning family in the Spring. 

In certain cases, we may ask you to re-apply for Fair Share Tuition:

  • A new student from the same family enrolls at Gonzaga Prep.
  • It is anticipated the family’s income or financial situation may change in the near future (e.g. a new job or sale of business). 

 I’ve reviewed your Fair Share Tuition guidelines and cannot afford your suggested tuition.  Can my tuition commitment be less than what is published? At your registration appointment, please discuss your Fair Share Tuition award letter with the Fair Share Facilitator. If you need additional financial assistance beyond the Fair Share Tuition support, you can request a review of your Fair Share Tuition. Our Fair Share Review Committee will consider the number of students in Catholic grade schools, students in college, medical expenses, recent changes in employment or other individual factors. The Fair Share Review Committee may award a Nazareth Guild tuition assistance grant,  a scholarship from the Gonzaga Prep Foundation or additional Fair Share support to meet your financial need in a way that is equitable to you, the School and other Gonzaga Prep families.

Do I have to meet with the Fair Share Review Committee in person?  No. You will submit a written request for a review of your Fair Share Tuition. The Fair Share Review Committee will consider your written request plus any information provide on your original FACTS application for Fair Share. A Fair Share Facilitator from the Treasurer's Office will work you through the review process.

How can I apply for scholarships? We invite incoming freshman to apply for the following scholarships which recognize academic excellence, leadership, integrity and service to others. Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ Merit Scholarship - $1,000, Mike Shanks Scholarship - up to $13,000, Schmidt Family Scholarship - up to $13,000. Scholarship applications will be available to admitted students in February 2021.

All other scholarships are awarded through the Fair Share Review Committee based on financial need. We do not have any full tuition scholarships. We do not have athletic scholarships.

Is there Fair Share for fees? No, all families must pay 100% of the fees. Fees are in addition to tuition and are paid over the same billing schedule and payment method that you select for tuition.

How much do text books and iPads cost? The cost of textbooks generally ranges between $50 and $150 each year. 

The cost of the iPad generally ranges from $300 to $400, depending on the accessories or support plans. The minimum specification for the iPad currently is : iPad, 32 GB, WiFi only.  

Is there Fair Share for textbooks or iPads? For families that need a payment plan for purchasing their iPad, Numerica Credit Union has an unsecured loan program for Gonzaga Prep families. Payments can be as low as $25 per month.

We have limited funds available for financial assistance to purchase iPads or text books. Families who need financial assistance for the iPads or text books should email a request to the Treasurer’s Office by June 15th.

When do tuition payments begin? Monthly payments: two options available; 12 month payment plan (July through June), or 10 month payment plan (August through May). Quarterly payments are due in August, October, January and March. Semester payments are due in August and January. Annual payments are due in August.

Must I make payments by automatic withdrawal or credit card? We will be using FACTS Tuition Management to process tuition and fee payments. Tuition payments will be processed by FACTS through electronic funds transfer from a bank account, a credit or debit card. You may choose your payment date: 5th, 18th, or last business day of the month. Service fees may apply for credit or debit card payments.

Who has access to the Fair Share Tuition amounts? We respect the family’s privacy related to their financial situation.  All financial information, including the amount of the Fair Share Tuition for students, is kept confidential and is stored securely in the Treasurer’s files.  Teachers, counselors, or other school personnel do not have access to this information.