Gonzaga Preparatory School

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Fees, iPads & Textbooks

New students will be assessed a $250 non-refundable registration fee to confirm enrollment and register for classes.  Note: After April 15, the registration fee increases to $350.
All students pay an annual fee to cover items such as yearbook, retreats, locks, national tests, class consumables and materials, math and language textbook subscriptions, Naviance College Planning program, and graduation. 

All students pay a Facility/Technology Fee annually.  This fee is used to maintain our campus facilities and the technology infrastructure.

OTHER FEES:   Additional fees may be charged, depending on the student's class schedule:
AP Exam Fee    $97 per exam (set by College Board each fall)
College in High School Credit   $200 - $400 per class, paid to the college granting the credit
International Student Services Fee  $1,000 per year
Online History or Math Class $300 per semester

Each student must purchase his or her own iPad directly from a retail store or online vendor. For students entering in 2022-23 the recommended minimum specifications for the iPad can be found here.
The average cost for an iPad that meets our minimum specifications with a protective cover and a 2-year warranty plan is approximately $300 to $400.  

Financial Assistance for iPad purchase:   Students who need additional financial assistance in purchasing their iPads should email the Treasurer's Office a REQUEST for iPad financial assistance to [email protected] by June 30th.  The amount of the grants will vary based on financial need but all families will be expected to pay at least half the cost of the iPad. 

Students must purchase their textbooks annually.  Most textbooks are in digital form to be used on the iPads.   The student's textbooks cost between $50 and $150 on average each year.

The textbook list and links to purchase them are published in August each year on our virtual textbook store.  Please see our Virtual Text Bookstore page for more information.

Financial Assistance for Textbooks:  We have limited funds to assist families in purchasing textbooks.  Students who need assistance in purchasing textbooks should submit a REQUEST FORM to Joleen Cooney in the Treasurer's Office by August 15th.