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International and Exchange Students

“I’ve been in America for nearly five months and spent such a wonderful time here. My host family is amazing and I always think that I got the best host family in the world. Gonzaga Prep is a warm and positive community. Everybody at Gonzaga Prep is trying to help each other a lot. I am so appreciative to be part of the community.” - current junior from China

Read Xiaohan Guo's testimony here. Xiaohan is a 2017 graduate who is currently attending UCLA. 

Gonzaga Preparatory School does accept a limited number of international & exchange students on a space available basis. Gonzaga Prep offers an F-1 student visa, where students can stay for multiple years and receive a Gonzaga Preparatory diploma.

Gonzaga Prep only accepts international students in the 9th and 10th grade year. If the international student is applying to enter as a junior (11th grade) and has not attended a school in the United States for a full year, they must enter as a sophomore (10th grade).

To begin the application process, please email the Admissions Office at admissions@gprep.com.

Or students from China START HERE
Gonzaga Prep currently has 21 international students from six different countries:


Previous countries represented at Gonzaga Prep:

South Korea
United Kingdom
Are you interested in welcoming a Gonzaga Prep international student into your home? This experience allows your family to experience a new culture, as well as allow you to see Spokane through the eyes of a visitor. We are grateful for our homestay families, as it allows Gonzaga Prep to expand our diversity efforts.

All host families receive a stipend to host students, which helps cover the cost of basic expenses of having another person in your household. All families are vetted and must meet certain criteria.

What other host parents are saying:
“Having an international student from China has been very rewarding. We had a great support system with our coordinator and hosting will leave a life-long impact. It was great to teach our student about our culture and to learn about her culture. This opportunity was a great experience and has enriched our lives. Hosting our student gave us an opportunity to develop compassion and another person to love.” - Host mother, January 2018

“It has been a great experience! Our international student is engaging, fun, polite, helpful, and very diligent in his school work. He also helps a lot with cooking. He has taught me some fabulous Chinese recipes. I have enjoyed learning too about school in China and who he is as a conscientious, caring young man with ambitions for a higher education and to help his family in China.” - Host mother, January 2018

INTERESTED IN HOSTING A INTERNATIONAL STUDENT? Please contact Katie O'Brien, Admission Director, at admissions@gprep.com 


If you have additional questions, please contact the admission office at admission@gprep.com