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Academic Awards

Please join us in celebrating the successes of our Gonzaga Prep students. 
Step through the slides below for photos of the students who have been honored at the 2024 Academic Awards Celebration. The full list of awards and recipients follows below the photo slideshow. 
The continued efforts and accomplishments of our students bring hope to our community. 
Congratulations to the award winners!  

Leadership Awards
Senior Class Leadership Award: Colby Kelly and Kaitlin Kelly
Junior Class Leadership Award: Emilia Dufresne and Molly Gross
Sophomore Class Leadership Award: Kelton Doolittle and Taryn Barbieri
Freshman Class Leadership Award: Stephen Dougherty and Maggie Herzog
Justin Ables Memorial Award (sophomore): Naliesha Richardson

Department Awards
Outstanding Senior Science Student: Emiliano Torres
Outstanding Junior Science Student: Marin Katz and Jacob Sarkis
Outstanding Mathematics Student: Christian Preti
Outstanding English Student: Cree Williams
Outstanding World Language Student
     Spanish: Audrey Powell, Evelyn Kelly
     Barthelmess Latin Student: Evelyn Kelly
Outstanding Physical Education Student: Keagan Savage and Abby Itveldt
Lantry-Sherman for Excellence in U.S. History: Andrew Shortell
Nicholas Jabara Junior Theology Leadership: Marin Katz and Audrey Green

Fine Arts Department Awards
Chris Babcock Memorial Debate: Simon Yan
National School Choral: Maya Fray
John Philip Sousa Band: Katherine Kovich
National School Orchestra: Mason Hatzke
Luigian: Jubilee Brower and Anne Camp
Drama Spotlight: Katherine Codd and Jarrett Beaudry
Visual Art: Emiliano Torres
Frankie White Visual Art Scholarship: Nathan Koenig

Athletics, Service, and Academic Awards
GSL Scholar-Athlete of the Year: Ryan Jackson and Kaitlin Kelly
Denise Schlepp Leadership in Women’s Athletics: Katherine Kovich
Joe Keogh: Preston Yim
Dave Machtolf: Hunter Derr
Bobby Etten: Corinne Duchesne and Scotty McIntyre
United States Military Academy - West Point: Christian Preti
President's Volunteer Service: Leiu Argaw and Cree Williams
Fr. Zehnder Volunteer: Jenna Round and Courtney Dugger
Fr. Watrin: Maddie Owen and Jenna Round
Fr. Kolvenbach: Macarena Barretto
3 Companions: Owen Desimone, Katie Codd, Colby Kelly
Commended Tutors: Evelyn Kelly, Trey Callahan, Anna Moore, Gracyn Scott, Caroline Saint James

Academic Awards
Catholic Community Scholarship: Trey Callahan and Leiu Argaw
Petersen Scholarship: Madelyn Ellingson, Kwynci Peters, and Cree Williams

Salutatorians for the Class of 2024
Owen Desimone
Jason Do
Madelyn Ellingson
Colby Kelly
Kaitlin Kelly
Tess Keyes
Katherine Kovich

Valedictorian for the Class of 2024
Christian Preti