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Academic Awards

Please join us in celebrating the successes of our Gonzaga Prep students. 
Watch the video below for the 2020 online Academic Awards Celebration. 
The continued efforts and accomplishments of our students bring hope to our community. 
Congratulations to the award winners!  

Leadership Awards 

Senior Class: Sam Anderson

Junior Class: Owen Manfred and Bridget Murphy

Sophomore Class: Juliana Maucione

Freshman Class: Aidyn Whitehead 

Justin Ables Memorial Award (sophomore): Isabella Charter

Department Awards

Outstanding Senior Science Student: Khaleia Assih and Carson Valley

Outstanding Junior Science Student: Julia McIntyre and Shobhin Logani

Outstanding Mathematics Student: Carolyn Bozin

Rennselaer Medalist: Andrew Nordhagen

Outstanding English Student: Alexandria Horton

Outstanding World Language Students:

French: Mary Browne

Spanish: Nickolaus Swenson

Latin: Lucy Nester

Outstanding Physical Education Student: Emily Benn and Bryden Dodson         

Lantry-Sherman Award for Excellence in U.S. History: Duncan Cooper

Nicholas Jabara Junior Theology Leadership Award: David Cornwell and Shannon McGuire

Fine Arts Department Awards

Chris Babcock Memorial Debate Award: Daisy Dai

National School Choral Award: Julianna Zheng

John Philip Sousa Band Award: Lucy Nester

National School Orchestra Award: Bryson Henry

Luigian Award: Morgan Odenthal and McKenna Guy

Drama Spotlight Award: Mia Torres

Visual Art Award: Grace Hoppie

Frankie White Visual Art Scholarship: Hailey Landkammer

Athletics, Service, and Academic Awards

Bobby Etten Award: KK Horn and Sam Anderson

Dave Machtolf Award: Nickolaus Swenson

Denise Schlepp Leadership in Women’s Athletics Award: Johnna Manfred

Joe Keogh Award: Jack Schmidt

U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete Award: Julia McIntyre and Zach Round

Air Force ROTC Scholarship: Lucy Nester

President's Volunteer Service Award: Khaleia Assih and Elizabeth Figuroa

Fr. Zehnder Volunteer Award: Peyton Ramirez and AJ Patterson

Fr. Watrin Award: Sam Barbieri

Commended Tutors

Khaleia Assih

Siri-Amelie Birrer

Daisy (Yutong) Dai

Braxton Casey

Pinn Jingkaoj

Julia McIntyre

Chris Browne

Paige Scholin 

Academic Awards

Catholic Cemetaries Community Scholarship: Ashton Kopczick, Johnna Manfred

Petersen Scholarship: Jonas Bears, Hannah Mears, Abigail Powers

Salutatorians for the Class of 2020

Madelaine Condon

Daisy Dai

Elizabeth Figueroa

Valedictorians for the Class of 2020

Alexandria Horton

Lucy Nester

Amara Vogel