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Academic Awards

Please join us in celebrating the successes of our Gonzaga Prep students. 
Step through the slides below for photos of the students who have been honored at the 2022 Academic Awards Celebration. The full list of awards and recipients follows below the photo slideshow. 
The continued efforts and accomplishments of our students bring hope to our community. 
Congratulations to the award winners!  

Leadership Awards 

Senior Class: Aubree Click

Junior Class: Lucas Manfred and Kayna Doolittle, Caroline Walton, and Jack Condon

Sophomore Class: Cree Williams

Freshman Class: Ian Round and Gracie Weichman

Justin Ables Memorial Award (sophomore): Kevin McArdle Silvers

Department Awards

Outstanding Senior Science Student: Elizabeth Kovich and Samantha Symmes

Outstanding Junior Science Student: Yeabsera Afework, Kayna Doolittle, and Makaila LeBret

Outstanding Mathematics Student: Torben Vraciu

Outstanding English Student: Marie Loroz

Outstanding World Language Students:

French: Samantha Short

Spanish: Sierra Valdez

Barthelmess Latin Student Award: Andrew Bennett

Outstanding Physical Education Student: Karin Corbett and Bryson Henry        

Lantry-Sherman Award for Excellence in U.S. History: Christian Schueller

Nicholas Jabara Junior Theology Leadership Award: Bianca Frank and Molly Manfred

Fine Arts Department Awards

Chris Babcock Memorial Debate Award: Sophia McFarland and Will Kladar

National School Choral Award: Julia Konesky

John Philip Sousa Band Award: Eli Gould

National School Orchestra Award: Maddalena Turner

Luigian Award: Sidny Pederson

Drama Spotlight Award: Kamden Doud

Visual Art Award: Jesse Becker

Frankie White Visual Art Scholarship: Grace Warne

Athletics, Service, and Academic Awards

GSL Scholar-Athlete of the Year: Luciano Reynolds and Sitara Byrd

Bobby Etten Award: Caleb Richardson and Noelani Krauss

Dave Machtolf Award: Luciano Reynolds

Denise Schlepp Leadership in Women’s Athletics Award: Elizabeth Kovich

Joe Keogh Award: Jinwoo Choi

President's Volunteer Service Award: Talayah Biallas and Dylan D’Agostino

Fr. Zehnder Volunteer Award: Claire Nave and Emily Smith

Fr. Watrin Award: Julie Adams and Bridget Adams

Commended Tutors

Ava Diggs, Daniel Chilimidos, Emmalee Beck,
Joel Moore, Sierra Valdez, Angela Macabinguil,
Tyler Sonntag, Andrew Happy, Amanda Do

Academic Awards

Catholic Community Scholarship: William Baker and Angela Macabinguil

Petersen Scholarship: Cooper Cervelli, Riley Cleveland, and Abigail Kienzle

Salutatorians for the Class of 2022

Megan Allbery

Isabella Charter

Marion Garabedian

Clayton Hooper

Ian Kennar

Juliana Maucione

Torben Vraciu

Valedictorians for the Class of 2022

Ryan Ham

Natalie Kamp

Marie Loroz

Kaz Melzer

Madeleine Saint James

Sierra Valdez