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Tuition Payments, Registration Fee, & Payment Plans

Gonzaga Prep uses FACTS Tuition Management to invoice and process payments for all tuition accounts.

All families are required to set up a FACTS Tuition Management account.*

Click here to set up or manage your FACTS account:

NEW STUDENTS:  Click here to pay your student's registration fee:


We offer the following payment plans:

  • Annual payment due in August.
  • Semi-annual payments due in August and January.
  • Quarterly payments due in August, October, January and March.
  • 10 month payment plan (August through May).
  • 12 month payment plan (July through June).
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH)
  • Credit card (with 2.95% service fee)
  • Remit by check (available only for Annual and Semi-Annual payment plans)
  • 5th
  • 18th
  • Last day of month
*There is no fee to set up this account. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate exceptions to this requirement due to the number of tuition accounts that we service. Please contact us if you have specific concerns that we can address.