Gonzaga Preparatory School

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Payment Plans

We offer several payment plans and billing schedules:
Payment methods:
  • Electronic funds transfer from a bank account
  • Credit card: Available only for annual or semi-annual payments.  A surcharge of 2.79% will be applied at time of payment.
  • Post-dated checks:  Deliver a series of post-dated checks to cover your tuition commitment by July 31st

The billing fee of $40 will be waived if you select one of the above payment methods.

Billing Schedule:

  • Annual (August)
  • Semi-annual (August and January)
  • Quarterly (August, October, January, March)
  • Monthly for incoming students - 11 months (August through June)
  • Monthly for returning students - 12 months (July through June)
You may make a credit card payment on your student's tuition and fees account.  Your credit card payment will be processed through an online tuition portal through a payment processor, Diamond Mind.  A 2.79% surcharge will be applied to credit card payments to cover the bank fees. (We are not able to process payments by debit card.)
Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted. Please click here to make a payment by credit card:
To avoid finance charges, please make your annual or semi-annual payment by August 31st and January 31st.