Gonzaga Preparatory School

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Why We Use Technology

Gonzaga Prep is a 1:1 computing school (one device for each student). The primary objective of the 1:1 computing model is to enhance student learning and to expand the educational environment beyond the classroom. While our faculty will remain our first and best resource for the education of our students, we are enthused about the level of engagement, interactivity, connectivity and organization that is enhanced by this technology in our educational program.

Gonzaga Prep remains first and foremost a Catholic, Jesuit, college preparatory school whose mission is to educate young men and women to become Christian leaders spiritually, intellectually, physically and culturally. iPads are another tool that will aid us in the pursuit of this mission.

Our students will have the best chance of being “transformational leaders” if their existing skills using mobile computing for entertainment and social networking are integrated with a morally and intellectually rigorous Catholic Jesuit education. We need to prepare our students for learning and working in this digital information world. We believe the use of iPads enhances both teaching and student learning – and will expand the possibilities for creativity, collaboration and exploration.