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Foundation and Scholarships

Providing access to a Jesuit education to all families has been a core mission of Gonzaga Prep. Scholarship donations to Gonzaga Prep show an investment in a future of students that pays the excellence and service forward during their time here. Your gift recognizes the unique gifts of these students who seek to succeed and serve others. Our scholarships include fully endowed scholarships, named scholarships and memorial funds established for deceased faculty, alumni, family members, and friends. Tribute scholarships honor organizations, groups, or living individuals. Jump to the full list of scholarships »

NAMED FUNDS AND SCHOLARSHIPS. Our scholarships include fully endowed scholarships, named scholarships and memorial funds established for deceased faculty, alumni, family members, and friends. Tribute scholarships honor organizations, groups, or living individuals.

Akers Family Scholarship
Kay Barbieri Memorial Scholarship
Barthelmess Scholarship
Fr. Bill Bichsel, S.J. Scholarship
Dr. TerryKay Birrer Endowed Scholarship
Molly Bulger Scholarship
Class of 1958 Scholarship
Class of 1959 Scholarship Fund
Class of 1961 Ignatian Scholarship
Class of 1971 Scholarship
Dr. John and Carolu Condon Family Scholarship
John and Joanne Costello Scholarship
Jennifer Doolittle Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Druffel Memorial Scholarship
Joseph Esposito Memorial Fund
Al and Vicki Falkner Scholarship
Robert and Mildred Fees Memorial Scholarship
Bob and Katie Crosby Ferguson - Fr. Gordon Toner, S.J. Scholarship
Bill and Linda Fisher Scholarship
Frank Family Foundation Scholarship
Coach Bill Frazier Memorial Scholarship
Mark and Leslie Ganz Scholarship
Garco Construction Company Scholarships
Beth Gillespie Memorial Fund
Steve Gleason Scholarship
Fr. Robert Goebel, S.J. Alumni Scholarship
Hagen Estate - Fr. Arupe, S.J. Merit Scholarship
James Herlihy Memorial Scholarship
Chris and Siri Herzog Scholarship
John Heskett Scholarship
Nicholas Jabara Award
Euretta M. James Scholarship
Jean and Terry Judge Memorial Scholarship
Kennard and Marie Kapstafer Scholarship
Margaret Mary Keefe Memorial Scholarship
Helen K. Kepl Scholarship

Tom Kingen Memorial Scholarship
Kurt Kromholtz Science Scholarship
Phil Kuder Scholarship
Terry and Thomas LaLone Scholarship
Paul Lassell Scholarship
Dave Machtolf - Pat Redmond Memorial Scholarship
Charlotte Y. Martin Memorial Scholarship
Marycliff Scholarship for Fair Share
Ray “Doc” Mauro Memorial Scholarship
McMonigle Family Scholarship for Minority Students
Meglen Family Scholarship
Jake and Colleen Meighan Scholarship
Loraine Nichols Memorial Scholarship
Robert P. (Bob) Puhek Memorial Scholarship
Paul and Barbara Redmond Scholarship
Reisenauer Family Scholarship
Wallace "Rocky" Rothrock Fair Share Scholarship
Frances and Kermit Rudolf Scholarship
James Kermit Rudolf Memorial Scholarship
Nick and Mary Scarpelli Scholarship
Schreiner Family Scholarship
Mike Shanks Memorial Scholarship
Joe and Eloise Shogan Memorial Fund
Julie Shogan Ferrasse '78 Memorial Fund
Steilen Family Fund
Katelynn Suzanne ‘11 and John David Stone ‘14 Scholarship
Brian and Paul Sweeny Memorial Scholarship
Dr. John Traynor Scholarship
Joan and Fred Welk Scholarship
Christopher M. West Memorial Scholarship
Frankie White Scholarship for Art
Carolyn Zimmer Family Scholarship


In her 40+ years serving Gonzaga Prep and Jesuit works, Cindy Reopelle has shown a steadfast commitment to Jesuit education, Ignatian spirituality, and care for each individual person. A scholarship has been established to honor her legacy and to have a lasting impact on the lives of Gonzaga Prep students for years to come.


The family of Ella McKeirnan has established a scholarship in her name for deserving students. Ella was a 2017 Gonzaga Prep graduate who passed away in February 2020.

A valedictorian for her class, Ella joyfully pursued excellence from an early age. At Prep, she took every AP course offered. She won the top math prize in the prestigious Spokane Scholars Foundation. She earned a nearly perfect SAT score. She possessed practicality and wisdom beyond her years. Beyond the classroom, Ella nurtured her soul in many ways, and most involved shared experiences. She is remembered for her leadership and special attention to detail.

She will continue to inspire through her achievements and actions that made the world a better place. 


During her 25-year Gonzaga Prep teaching tenure, Dr. TerryKay Birrer modeled a passion for literature, inspired students, and played Queen Victoria to the English department.

A Dickensian scholar, her specialty was British literature. She engaged students through unique experiences, including her renowned Canterbury pilgrimages, cricket matches, and high teas, along with her ambitious poetry unit assignment: for students to fall in love by spring.

She also initiated student trips to the U.K. where she would surprise students by weeping copiously over Charles Dickens` grave.

Her myriad accomplishments, kind-heartedness, and whimsy are the stuff of Prep legend.

Family and friends have established an endowed scholarship in Dr. Birrer`s name.

“Ever the best of friends” –Charles Dickens


Chair - Jim Bell
Theresa Boyer
Beth Brasch `76
Tim Cronin `70 Ex Officio Board of Directors
Michael Dougherty
Ezra Eckhardt `88
Al Falkner
Patrick Fennessy `96
Craig Hart `79
Debbie Hansen
Steve Helmbrecht `81
Chris Herzog `95
Tom McKeirnan `87
John Moloney `74
Leslie O'Neil `88
Bryan Pham, S.J.
Trina Reynolds `82
Joe Schmidt `82
Patrick Schultheis `82
Camilla Tilford
Stephen Zimmer `58