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Apply for Fair Share Tuition Assistance

To apply for financial aid through our Fair Share Tuition program, please complete an online application through FACTS Grant & Aid. FACTS is an outside service which provides a confidential and secure method to collect and verify financial information.

The following information will need to be uploaded to FACTS to complete the application:

  • 2021 federal tax return and all supporting schedules (e.g. Schedule C and E).
  • All 2022 W-2 forms for each applicant.
  • If you own a small business, you will be asked for additional tax forms (e.g. K-1's for LLC's or S Corps)
If you have questions about the FACTS application, you may speak with a FACTS Customer Care Representative at 866-315-9262 or call the Gonzaga Prep Treasurer's Office at 509-483-8515.
The Tuition Office will process completed applications beginning in February and award letters emailed once processed.

If your family needs financial assistance beyond the Fair Share Tuition support, you may request a review of your Fair Share Tuition by completing a Fair Share Tuition Review Request Form. A Fair Share facilitator will review your request and reach out to set up a virtual or in-person meeting with your family. Your request will then be considered by our Fair Share Review Committee.

Our Fair Share Review Committee will consider factors such as the number of students in Catholic grade schools, students in college, medical expenses, recent changes in employment or other situations. The Fair Share Review Committee may award a Nazareth Guild tuition assistance grant, a scholarship from the Gonzaga Prep Foundation, or additional Fair Share Support to help meet your financial need.

Have questions about Fair Share, but not sure where to start? Please know we're here to help and have great success in working with families to get to a place where the educational investment feels manageable. Please contact: