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Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ Merit Scholarship:  Incoming freshman who qualify based on their placement exam scores and grades may be invited to apply for a Fr. Fedro Arrupe, SJ Merit Scholarship. Freshman must take the placement exam and complete the admissions application by the December deadline each year.  Ten scholarships of $1,000 will be awarded. These scholarships may be renewed annually.
Need based scholarships:  If your family needs additional financial assistance beyond the Fair Share Tuition support, you may request a review of your Fair Share Tuition.  Our Fair Share Review Committee will evaluate all requests and consider such factors as number of students in Catholic grade schools, college tuition, medical expenses, recent changes in employment or other situations.  Additional financial assistance which may be awarded include:
  • Nazareth Guild Tuition Assistance Grants
  • Endowed Scholarships from the Gonzaga Prep Foundation
To be considered for additional financial assistance, all families must first apply online through FACTS for Fair Share Tuition and then speak with a Fair Share Facilitator at your registration appointment.   The deadline to apply for Fair Share Tuition is February 27, 2018.  
Click here to complete the FACTS online application for Fair Share Tuition.

Scholarships for returning sophomores, juniors and seniors: 
 Annually we offer 3-5 scholarships for which returning sophomores, juniors and seniors may apply.  The criteria for these scholarships will vary, based on the criteria from the benefactor.  Scholarship applications will be posted here in April of each year.