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Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame 2024
Gonzaga Prep is pleased to introduce the 2024 inductees to the school's Hall of Fame. Please join us in celebrating these inductees who made their mark through excellence and in service to others at the school and in the world beyond.
The selection committee is pleased to introduce the 2024 inductees:

Joe Smead

Joe embodied Gonzaga Prep's mission of accessibility, having funded his education by contributing 50 cents a week earned from his newspaper delivery route as a student. His unwavering dedication to learning led him to earn a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, and he subsequently served as the leader of Kaiser Aerospace and Electronics Corporation for 26 years. Joe and his wife, Ann, have been remarkable supporters of Gonzaga Prep through their exceptional generosity.

Dr. D. Michael Strong

Mike’s collaborative spirit exemplifies his commitment to community service, inspired by Jesuit principles. After a 20-year Navy career, he founded the Northwest Tissue Center in Seattle. Later, he retired as Chief Operating Officer of the Puget Sound Blood Bank & Transfusion Center. His extensive global network facilitated the exchange of ideas among researchers internationally, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. The science wing bears his name in recognition of the generosity of Mike and his wife, Sunny.

Molly Schemmel

Molly is a remarkable example of selfless service to the Gonzaga Prep community. Whenever a group seeks assistance, the answer is unequivocally Molly. She has served on the Board of Directors, played a pivotal role in establishing a Parent Advisory Committee, volunteered for every fundraising event, and has been sought after as a tutor by families throughout Spokane. A Bullpup through and through, she is a fixture at just about every sport, event, and activity at Prep. Molly Schemmel is a shining example of the Jesuit call to serve others and a true blessing to our entire community.

Darryl Stephens

Darryl, a standout athlete in Spokane during his high school years, went on to attend Stanford University where he excelled in baseball. Upon returning to Spokane, Darryl has demonstrated unwavering support for Gonzaga Prep, coaching the baseball team, and events, Masses, reunions, and games in every sport. He generously gives all he can to the high school he has loved for so many years.

Teri Stroschein

Teri's life was characterized by deep friendships, teaching, learning, sharing, and service. She balanced her math teaching with MBA studies and later became a computer systems consultant. Guided by Jesuit values, Teri volunteered in Alaska with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, working in a care facility for Y'upik Eskimos with developmental disabilities. Even after losing her vision in 2013, she remained dedicated, participating in programs for the Oregon Commission for the Blind and teaching technology skills to the visually impaired. Her life embodied the "Ignatian Spirit" of selfless service.

Tag Brothers
THE TAG BROTHERS, Members of the Class of `82 & `83

The Tag Brothers—Bill Akers, Chris Ammann, Rick Bruya, Joey Caferro, Brian Dennehy, Mike Konesky, Mark Mengert, Sean Raftis, Joe Tombari (all class of `83), and Patrick Schultheis `82—symbolize the enduring sense of community at Gonzaga Prep. Their lasting friendships, sparked by playful hallway games during high school, continue each February, transcending geographical boundaries. Their story caught the attention of the Wall Street Journal in 2013 and became the basis of the hit 2018 movie, "Tag." The group's enduring relationships serve as a heartwarming testament to the authentic love and camaraderie within the Prep family.

Scott Eaton

Scott is a Princeton and MIT Media Lab graduate, and earned a master's degree from the Royal College of Art in London. He received art training in Florence and is renowned for his work in sculpture, digital art, photography, and drawing. His art is featured worldwide and lauded in publications like Wired Magazine, GQ, Vogue, Vanity Fair, and The New York Times. Influential companies, including Pixar, Meta, Microsoft, and Warner Bros. have sought his artistic talents for collaborations. His digital creation, "Intersections," illuminated New York's Times Square in the summer of 2023. Scott also pioneers AI and human movement innovations, embodying the words of St. Ignatius of Loyola, "ite inflammate omnia."



The purpose of the Gonzaga Preparatory School Hall of Fame is to maintain the heritage and tradition of the Gonzaga Prep community and recognize, preserve, and honor the alumni, athletes, coaches, individuals, and teams that made significant contributions to the school and their community.
Anyone (alum, parent, current or former employee, and/or friend of Prep) may submit a nomination. There are two categories under which a nominee may be considered for selection to the Hall of Fame:
  1. Athlete/Team/Coach - who distinguished themselves while at Gonzaga Prep.  Primary criteria should include athletic ability and contribution to his/her team.  This may include individual honors and records, team honors or legacy of excellence for a determined period of time.  Secondary criteria may include any post-Prep accomplishments, both collegiate and professional.  Can only be eligible for selection 10 yrs after graduation.
  2. Alumni/Individual/Jesuits - who has made significant contributions to the Gonzaga Prep community, or in the case of alumni, have distinguished themselves in their field after graduation from Gonzaga Prep.  Alumni can only be eligible for selection 10 yrs after graduation.
All nominees must exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and Ignatian character.  Anyone (alumnus/alumnae, parent, current/former faculty/staff member, and/or friend of Prep) may submit a nomination.


1931 Football Team

1963 Football Team

1982 Football Team • watch video

1999 Wrestling Team

2013-2015 Girls Basketball Team • watch video

Don Anderson

Joey August `34

Jim and Beth Brasch `76

Fr. Dick Case, S.J.

Fr. Joseph Cataldo, S.J.

Joanne Cipolla

Tim Cronin `70

Bing Crosby `20

Joseph Danelo, Sr.

Jack Delehanty `60

Tim Egan `73

Frank "Ginge" Etter `63

Al Falkner • watch video

Ray Flaherty `26

Fr. Paul Fitterer, S.J.

Thomas Foley `46

Founders of Fair Share • watch video

Bill Frazier

Ganz Brothers:
Mark, `79, Bill `77, & Fr. Rick `72

Steve Gleason `95

Fr. Robert Goebel, S.J.

Sam Grashio `36

Fr. Bill Hayes, S.J.

Henry (Hank) Higgins `47

Fr. Harry Jahn, S.J.

Terry Kelly `76

Kurt Kromholtz `55

Phil `68 and Steve `60 Kuder • watch video

Donna Lenseigne

Ron Long `65

John Luger `64

Mark Machtolf `83

Carl Maxey `42 • watch video

Lt. Col. Anne McClain `97

Trish McGonigle `84

Marilyn McKenna

Dan Murphy `58

John W. Murphy `30

Lisa Oriard `84

Michael Oriard `66

Kathy Perko `79 • watch video

'Frank M. Rotando

Mike Redmond `89

Paul Redmond `55

Mary Reilly Tait `88

J. Merton Rosauer

Nicholas Scarpelli `42

Denise Schlepp • watch video

Bill Shanks `54

Dick Sprague `49

Jack Stockton `45

John Stockton `80

Hon. Phil Thompson `52

Fr. Gordon Toner, S.J.

John Traynor

Fr. Joe Weitensteiner `50

Tim Welsh `63

Fr. Victor Zehnder, S.J

On a night celebrating the shared story of service and excellence, Gonzaga Prep welcomed the 2023 class of inductees to the Hall of Fame. The ceremony in Kubiak Theater showcased each recipient’s impact on the school and the world beyond through videos that vibrantly painted a picture of each inductee’s life and accomplishments.

Each recipient–and those accepting on behalf– gave a nod to the others, captured well by the final inductee and former school president, Al Falkner, “Everyone honored tonight with me has done the work, all in extraordinary ways. That seeking the greater, the Magis, is what Prep is all about.”

Toni Kuder: “I asked Phil some years ago, hypothetically, if he could do it over again, would he still choose to teach at Prep. He didn't hesitate to answer that of course he would!”

Denise Schlepp, with her familiar humility: “I am just one, one of the many lives that have been forever changed through this place, and I consider myself lucky to have been considered.

Coach Mike Arte, accepting on behalf of the 2013-2015 Girls Basketball Teams: “For the first time, there are 3 inductions that represent the great accomplishments of females; our team, Kathy for her endearing work with young children and Denise for her pioneering work in women’s athletics.”

Camilla Tilford, on behalf of the Founders of Fair Share: “We are grateful for this honor and for the success of Fair Share. Thank you to the committee for this recognition and honor. Meeting adjourned!”