Gonzaga Preparatory School

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Transfer Students

Gonzaga Prep welcomes qualified sophomore and junior students to transfer to Gonzaga Prep at the beginning of each school year and at semester. Students who wish to transfer to Gonzaga Prep must have a minimum 2.5 GPA and be on track for meeting Gonzaga Prep's graduation requirements. 
Gonzaga Prep does not accept senior-level students unless there is a family transfer into the geographical area or a petition of unique circumstances. 
Transfer application requirements:
  • Online application and essay prompts
  • Teacher evaluation
  • High School transcripts
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Discipline report
  • Admissions Review and/or Interview.
Gonzaga Prep assists families in providing opportunities for the balanced Christian development of their children, serving the Catholic community as well as those who share its philosophy and values. A Gonzaga Prep Graduate is open to growth, intellectually engaged, religiously alive, loving, and committed to doing justice.
The focus of the academic curriculum is college preparatory, though programs are available for those students needing further assistance in their development of learning and basic skills. Gonzaga Prep is committed to enrolling students who have the potential as well as the motivation to excel.
Gonzaga Prep fosters a community of understanding, respect, and inclusion for students of all backgrounds. Gonzaga Prep promotes respect for all forms of diversity and strives to promote solidarity among all members of the school community. 
Transfer students are accepted on a space-available basis. Please contact the Admissions Office at 509.777.8122 or [email protected] with questions.