Gonzaga Preparatory School

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Tuition & Financial Aid

Gonzaga Prep’s mission calls us to serve families who desire a Catholic, college preparatory education in the Jesuit tradition. Our Fair Share Tuition program allows families from all economic backgrounds to access a Gonzaga Prep education and creates a diverse and unique student body. 


Families who send their children to Gonzaga Prep understand they are committing to a philosophy and a financial commitment, which is a sacrifice for all families. All families are asked to prayerfully reflect and pay as much as they can toward the full tuition. In addition to the Fair Share Tuition commitment, all families are asked to commit to volunteer service each year.


Fair Share Tuition is determined individually for each student, based on the School's published Fair Share Tuition guidelines. Our tuition guidelines are based on your family's gross income and the number of people your household.  

For 2022-23, we will be using FACTS Tuition Management to invoice and process payments for all tuition accounts. All families are required to set up a FACTS Tuition Management account. There is no fee to set up this account. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate exceptions to this requirement due to the number of tuition accounts that we service. Please contact us if you have specific concerns that we can address.
Tuition $3,030 - $15,267
Required fees $545
Registration fee $250