Gonzaga Preparatory School

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About Us

Our mission inspires us to instill and nurture in each student those principles from which a loving and meaning-filled life ensues. As a Catholic and Jesuit school, the truths and principles of apostolic Christianity, St. Ignatius, and the Jesuit community, guide and direct our efforts. Whereas we appreciate the vital role of our parents and guardians, teachers, pastors, and administrators, our primary responsibility lies in developing a trusting relationship with our students, to be their advocate and guide. Upon this mission and foundation, all other meaningful activities and achievements arise—personal and social, spiritual, academic, and collegiate—all to the greater glory of God.
Gonzaga Prep is unique in our low counselor-to-student ratio and that we are skilled in providing the following designated services.
From the moment of enrollment, counselors review a student’s academic record to establish a four year college preparatory plan. Beginning freshman year we meet individually and in small groups to review academic progress and college preparation. Throughout each of the four years we review and monitor each student’s transcript in light of graduation requirements, college entrance requirements, and recommendations.
Further, we work with teachers, students and parents regarding student academic progress. When needed, we refer students to the Academic Success Center for help with study skills and tutoring. Students with documented personal and academic needs are served through the Gonzaga Prep’s Learning Resource Center.
As a college preparatory school, Gonzaga Prep provides a comprehensive college counseling program. The counselors provide information regarding college selection, admissions, financial aid, and majors. We administer national pre-college exams to all freshmen (PSAT 9), sophomores (PreACT) and juniors (PSAT/NMSQT); conduct College Process Evenings for parents of sophomores, juniors, and seniors; meet individually and in small groups yearly with all students regarding all facets of the college process. Additionally, we maintain close communications/relationships with college admission officers across the country; facilitate and accompany all juniors to the National College Fair each fall; host numerous on-campus visitations by college admission representatives yearly. As part of the college admission process, we provide guidance in understanding and applying for financial aid, including the College Process Evening for senior parents in the fall.  
Gonzaga Prep uses Naviance Student which supports a college-bound culture by encouraging students to explore post-secondary educational options and organizing the college application process. Based upon our relationship with each student,and using the information gained through Naviance Student we are able to personalize the college application process and discernment of college choices.

Beginning freshman year, we coordinate career exploration through Naviance Student, ACT, and College Board. We develop and maintain sources of information regarding college majors and careers.

As advocates and guides, we facilitate the total development of each student’s self-esteem, sense of purpose, problem-solving abilities, and spirituality in light of Gospel values. We foster positive communication between students, teachers, and parents; provide crisis intervention and community referrals for personal issues, as needed. When a student meets with their counselor, the counselor's goal is to help the student refocus and return to class as quickly as possible. If a student's mindset prevents them from being able to return to class, we will communicate with parents/guardians.