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The Academic Success Center (ASC) empowers all students to be active and independent learners through diverse and transformative academic-support opportunities
Launched in 2017, Gonzaga Preparatory School's Academic Success Center (ASC) remains unique in Spokane and at the high-school level nationally. Whereas Gonzaga Prep and other high schools have Learning Resource Centers (LRCs), which primarily focus on students with learning differences, Gonzaga Prep also provides the additional ASC experience for students of ALL abilities who desire academic growth and success. Academic support/resource centers are now both commonplace and central to education at the collegiate level. As a college preparatory school, Gonzaga Prep mirrors this experience by extending its learning opportunities beyond the classroom walls. 
Staffed by teachers and trained tutors, Gonzaga Prep's ASC resides conveniently between the Murphy Library and the Learning Resource Center, right across from the school's main office.  
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