Gonzaga Preparatory School

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Why Gonzaga Prep

Since 1887, Gonzaga Prep has prepared students for lives of leadership founded in a tradition of excellence in academics, activities, and service. It is lifelong community of individuals who go forth and make the world a better place through excellence and service. With a faith-filled, college preparatory environment grounded in values drawn from the long Jesuit tradition, Gonzaga Prep students discover who they are meant to be in this world.
One of the hallmarks of Jesuit education is cura personalis, or care of the individual person. Our faculty and staff show care for each student, while challenging each to reach their greatest potential. We affirm each student is loved by God and in turn, they show care for one another and demonstrate that love selflessly through their actions.
The Jesuit education you receive at Prep is both transformative and powerful. Each day you will be challenged to go forth and make the world a better place. A Gonzaga Prep Graduate is open to growth, intellectually engaged, religiously alive, loving, and committed to doing justice.
Jesuit Catholic

Students are GROUNDED IN FAITH, and united by our core values.

Welcomed into a Mission-Centered community, Gonzaga Prep students are grounded in faith, and united by our core values. Gonzaga Prep provides an educational environment founded in Christian values and Catholic identity, modeling and teaching the importance of discernment, sacrifice, and generosity.

Academic Excellence

Gonzaga Prep teachers TAKE PERSONAL INTEREST in each student.

Prep teachers are gifted educators, experts in their fields, and take personal interest in each student. By their own example, our teachers challenge and support students with intentional and proven college prep curriculum.

Supportive Community

Students are embraced by the fundamental belief that THEY ARE LOVED BY GOD.

At Gonzaga Prep, students are known, engaged, and seen. The community is welcoming, encouraging students to engage in a wide range of activities. At graduation, they carry with them an enduring tradition and community, both locally and around the world, full of lifelong friendships and connections.

Commitment to Service

Our students go out and MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE.

A cornerstone of Jesuit education is inspiring students to be people for others. Through community service and campus ministry programs, Gonzaga Prep students identify what it means to be other-oriented. Our students go out and make the world a better place.