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Equity and Inclusion

Vision Statement


“Prepare our Gonzaga Prep community to effectively engage in a diverse and interdependent world”


"Many Sparks, One Fire: Many Stories, One History.” – Decree 2 from the 35th General Congregation


As a Catholic school, in the Jesuit tradition, Gonzaga Preparatory School’s commitment to equity and inclusion is based on the core Ignatian value of “Seeing God in All People.” We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where the individual differences among us are understood and respected as a source of strength for the community and a reflection of God’s creation. A commitment to Respect, Empathy, and Joy enriches our school community and each of us.


Equity means fairness, impartiality, honesty, integrity, and justice. This Equity and Inclusion program is another key step in ensuring that each student is fully recognized as having been created in the image and likeness of God. It is a way of ensuring that the human dignity of each student is honored. We owe this to our students. In order to be fair, impartial, and just, we must meet our students where they stand by acknowledging the varied realities that they face every day. We cannot assume that after school all of our students go to a home that is stable, that provides three square meals, and that supports quiet study time. Christ the King and Just Judge meets us all where we stand by showing no partiality. He gives to each person not only what is owed to them (retributive/punitive justice), but also what each needs (restorative justice) in order for them to return (reconciliation) to right relationship (communion) with God and Neighbor. Jesus knew that the Father's gratuitous, solicitous, and healing love would be anathema in the eyes of the righteous (Matthew 20:1-16; Luke 15:25-32; Matthew 12:9-14). Source: Jeff Ball, SJ, Rev. Peter Byrne, SJ, October 2017


Inclusion means doing everything we can to reach out to those on the margins. Whether they be women from another tribe, people with disabilities, unpopular professions, or mental illness; Jesus showed tremendous care for those who were considered outsiders by the standards of his day. In the days of Jesuit missionaries, their work brought them to far-flung places. Today our mission is here before us. At this very moment, we are being called to broaden our community by making a concerted effort at including those on the margins. Source: Jeff Ball, SJ, Rev. Peter Byrne, SJ, September 2017


Diversity: We live in a diverse and interdependent world. Diversity extends beyond what we can see, to what is often and most importantly unseen. This can include significant factors such as physical and/or emotional trauma, socioeconomics, culture, disability, neurodiversity, national origin, language, sexual orientation, gender identification, etc. When we respectfully and empathetically engage, we have an opportunity to see and better understand the diverse essence of others. Source: Ben Krauss

All lives have equal value….

(Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)


We are building an Equity and Inclusion program to serve the needs of our Gonzaga Prep community.

A commitment to Respect, Empathy and Joy is central to the success of our collaborative work.

Please come by the Equity and Inclusion office and share your thoughts and perspective.

Thank you,

Ben Krauss, Director of Equity and Inclusion