Gonzaga Preparatory School

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What parents are saying

85% OF PARENTS would recommend Prep. Here is what they have to say:

“The experience for the students is DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT THAN IN A PUBLIC SCHOOL. At Gonzaga Prep, my child is known, supported, encouraged to ask why, and encouraged to be a critical thinker. My children feel safe at Prep and that they matter. They are developing their own spiritual identity as they learn more in their religion classes. MY CHILDREN ARE GRATEFUL TO ATTEND GONZAGA PREP AND I AM GRATEFUL FOR THIS SCHOOL. THANK YOU!

Safe, welcoming community

“I feel like Prep is TRULY A COMMUNITY and a very special place. MY CHILD FEELS SAFE and supported.”

“Because it offers a better EDUCATION AND SAFETY over public school with meaningful education

“It is a place where the staff cares for your child and they FEEL SAFE AND LOVED.”

Challenging, supportive academics

“Caring, safe environment. LOTS OF COLLEGE-LEVEL COURSES AVAILABLE, such as AP and college in High School”

“I am pleased with the ACADEMICS BEING OFFERED AND THE EXPECTATIONS OF STUDENTS. The support from the teachers and the fact that the homework is reasonable. There is not the idea that you will do so much homework at home and basically teach yourself. The teachers know how to teach their assigned content areas and teach the content.”

“It is an exceptional school community that works to provide the absolute best educational environment for students.”

Accessibility thanks to Fair Share

“FAIR SHARE MAKES IT POSSIBLE. Teachers and Coaches are very caring. Close-knit community. Considering the alternative (public high school), this is a no-brainer.”

"Fair Share tuition support made all the difference for my family. We wouldn't be able to afford this amazing opportunity for our child otherwise."

Challenging, supportive academics
Learning grounded in faith

“THE PRAYER EVERY DAY is exactly what I love to see, and it warms my heart when that is the focus.”

“I knew my sons were loved and cared for emotionally, academically, and spiritually.”

“There is a strong focus on success balanced with JESUIT INFLUENCE THAT FOCUSES ON LOVING GOD AND LOVING OTHERS.”