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Senior Information

Senior pictures are due to the school by September 16th.  Ask the studio/person you are working with to send your picture digitally to mboyle@gprep.com.  It should be a color, head and shoulder pose, with an 8 x 10 crop.  Record it at 300 dpi and save it as a .jpg file as: Last name, First name.jpg.  Due to the resolution of cell phone and iPad photos, many of these pictures are not of high enough quality to use as a senior picture in the yearbook.  The picture you submit will be used in the yearbook and composite picture for the hallway.

Senior Yearbook Ads

Parents have an opportunity to give their senior a lasting memory by placing a parent message to them in their yearbook.  The cost of the parent message goes toward funding yearbook computers, our cover, and additional pages. Some possibilities for what could be included are a congratulations statement, part of a poem or a song, and/or pictures.  Your student’s first and last name should be included in the message. We reserve the right to edit due to lack of space or content.

The four ad sizes and prices are listed below:  

Size Measurements (approx)      Price      What Can Fit Into The Space

⅛ page 3 inches x 4 inches           $50         1 picture up to 25 words

¼ page 4 ¼ inches x 5 ½ inches    $75          Up to 4 pictures, up to 25 words

½ page 5 ½ inches x 8 ½ inches    $125       Up to 6 pictures, up to 50 words

1 page 8 ½ inches x 11 inches      $200         Up to 10 pictures, up to 75 words

By October 1, you should email the size you want to Mr. Boyle, at mboyle@gprep.com or call him at 483-8511 , Ext. 537.  A link on the Gonzaga Prep website will be made available in September.  It contains a link to download the program, Pictavo, where all ads are to be created.  You will be able to create, customize, purchase, and submit your ad electronically. If you have a professional make your ad for you, they will also be able to submit it through this program.  If you want the yearbook class to put your ad together for you, just submit pictures and message along with the payment to Mr. Boyle and the class will put it together. All ads should be submitted by November 1.