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Senior Information

From Matt Boyle, Yearbook Advisor

email: [email protected]


Hello Senior Parents!


As we begin the second month of the school year, I have some information for you about how you can help the yearbook class celebrate this year's senior class! The first is a quick reminder that senior portraits are due October 29th. Ask the studio/person you are working with to send your picture digitally to [email protected]. It should be a color, head, and shoulder pose sent in high resolution. The image should be saved as a .jpg file as Last name, First name.jpg. Due to the resolution of cell phone and iPad photos, many of these pictures are not of high enough quality to use as a senior picture in the yearbook. Additionally, no photos in swimwear or including any hand signs or signals will be accepted. The picture you submit will be used in the yearbook and composite picture for the hallway.


Next up I want to give you some information on Grad Ads. During a school year in which many of the traditions we are used to are going to be looking a little different, there is one tradition that remains unchanged. That is the tradition of submitting a message of support and congratulations for your senior in the Gonzaga Prep yearbook! There are three sizes of ads available. They are listed below:


Size         Measurements Price   What Fits (approx)

¼ page

4 ½ in. x 5 ½ in.


4 photos, 25 words

½ page

5 ½ in. x 8 ½ in.


6 photos, 50 words

1 page

8 ½ in. x 11 in.


10 photos, 75 words


To reserve your ad space in the yearbook, you need to fill out a Google Form that can be found here indicating what size ad you would like by October 15th.


After you have reserved your ad space, you can purchase and design your ad by creating an account on Pictavo Community at buytheyearbook.com.There is also a video tutorial on how to navigate the entire Grad Ad process, which can be found here. Your ad needs to be paid for, designed, and submitted by November 30th.


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]


Thank you!


Matt Boyle

Yearbook Teacher