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Senior All Nighter

What is it?  Why do we do it?
The senior all-nighter (SAN) is a tradition at Gonzaga Prep and provides the graduating class a safe, chaperoned way to celebrate this milestone with their classmates - where everyone can be together...ONE LAST TIME!


When is it?

The SAN happens the night of graduation - starting around 9:00 pm.  Students will participate in graduation ceremonies, have time to go home and celebrate with their families and then come to Gonzaga Prep for an overnight celebration with their friends.  Typically students report to Prep at 9:00 pm, they are bused to Triple Play in Hayden, ID, they stay and play until about 3:30 am, and are bused back to Prep.


Who makes it happen?

Senior parents, generous volunteers and donors.




SAN thank you