Gonzaga Preparatory School

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Old Yearbooks & The Gonzagan

Old yearbooks for sale!
We're cleaning house in the Alumni Office. As we declutter our storeroom, we've come across extra yearbooks from various years. If you're interested in a copy of one, please contact us. A $50 donation goes to the Alumni Office to help with programs such as the Santa Visit, the Alumni Easter Egg Hunt, and more.
Wanted: Copies of The Gonzagan
We are beginning the process of digitizing old issues of The Gonzagan. If you have a full year's compilation of back issues, we would love to borrow the originals to have them professionally scanned (color and size corrected) and then provide on this page for all to view.

If you have past issues of The Gonzagan you are willing to loan to us, please contact our VP of Advancement, Corrina O'Brien Kelsey`06 at [email protected].
Download/view PDF issues of The Gonzagan: