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Student Handbook & Commitment to Mission

Mission Statement
Gonzaga Preparatory School exists to support the life of the Catholic Church in the Inland Northwest by seeking to serve all families who desire for their children Catholic education in the Jesuit tradition.

Our pledge is to provide--in concert with the parents, alumni, and community--an educational opportunity which seeks to form Christian leaders spiritually, intellectually, physically, and culturally.

Guided by the Gospel values of love and justice, students are challenged to fulfill their potential as life-long learners in service to others.
Commitment to Mission
Students and parents/guardians sign the Commitment to Mission form each year they are enrolled in
Gonzaga Preparatory School. Digital copies are kept in the student's file.

As members of the Gonzaga Preparatory School community, we are called to be concerned for every person as a member of God’s family. To achieve this ideal, all of us are expected to contribute through words and actions to an environment characterized by respect, caring, and honesty. Students are expected to support Gonzaga Prep’s mission by demonstrating respect for themselves, respect for others, and adherence to school rules and traditions.

Your desire to be a member of the Gonzaga Preparatory School community assumes your dedication to pursuing growth, as it relates to you as a person, who seeks to grow in the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and cultural aspects of your life as stated in the Mission Statement. It further assumes you will abide by a standard of behavior in and out of school, which preserves the integrity of our school community. For example, your commitment to Gonzaga Prep’s Mission means you will neither give nor receive unauthorized assistance on any school assignment, and that you will behave honestly and respectfully in all you say and do.

Student Acknowledgement and Agreement of the Commitment to Mission
I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to the terms set forth above. My digital signature must be submitted by the first day of school. This form is available for signature in Skyward HERE.
Family Responsibility
Families are expected to sign the same Commitment to Mission form. Your signature acknowledges your understanding and support of the policies and procedures of Gonzaga Preparatory School and our commitment to our mission. This form is available in Skyward HERE.
Student Handbook
The Student Handbook contains useful information for both parents and students about school policies and procedures. A printable PDF file is available below.