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Parking passes for the 2018-19 school year will be available on August 23rd(the same day as Returning Student Check-In and ASB pictures). In order to obtain a parking pass a student must come in person with the following:

  1. Parking Pass Forms completed with required signatures
  2. Driver’s license (a copy is not necessary, but it must be presented with the form)
  3. Payment: $50 for carpools and $60 for single drivers

On August 23rd, please come at the following times based on the type of parking pass you wish to obtain:

  • Carpool drivers: 1:15-1:45
  • Seniors:             1:45-2:15
  • Juniors:              2:15-2:45

Sophomore drivers will need to wait until the first week of school to see if there are available spots.

Please do not mail or drop off forms.  Students that cannot come in on August 23rd can see the Dean the first week of school for available passes.   Students that obtain their license after the start of the school year, may check in with the Dean’s office to purchase a spot if there are any available.


Parking Guidelines:
Behavior in the parking lot falls under the community guidelines in the student handbook. Actions while driving a vehicle such as horseplay, reckless driving, or speeding will not be tolerated and may result in the loss of parking privileges.
Gonzaga Prep is not responsible to damage to vehicles in the parking lots, but if an accident occurs involving another car, person, or object in the parking lot or streets near Gonzaga Prep, you must:
Tell someone in the school office or another school adult. (If this event happens at night when the office is closed, the student should contact his/her coach, director, or immediately report it to the Deans the next morning.)
  1. If anyone has been hurt ask this adult to get the necessary medical help.
  2. Tell your parent(s) or guardian(s) as soon as possible.
  3. If possible, tell the owner of the object you hit.
  4. Write down what happened as soon as possible and give this to the school adult and your parent/guardian.
The same steps should be followed if you find that your car has been hit or damaged when you were away from it.

Failure to do this results in loss of parking privileges (which were in short supply and in high demand.)

By purchasing a parking pass you agree to these guidelines.