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Course Descriptions

Theology Department Course Descriptions

Introduction to Scripture (Freshman)
A study of major themes presented throughout both Hebrew Scriptures and Christian Scriptures (New Testament). Students will become familiar with the characters, events, circumstances, and reflections of God’s people. Students will study passages of scripture in light of God’s ongoing relationship with His people throughout history.

Intro to Christian Life (Sophomore)
This semester-long course treats the major doctrines of Catholicism, with emphasis upon prayer, the saving death, and resurrection of Jesus, the sacramental life, and the Christian call to live a moral life.

Church History and Doctrine (Junior)
This course makes use of history as a means to introduce issues, ideas, and people of Christian tradition. The course also shows the historical roots of today’s institutions and practices, such as the Eucharist, Church councils, religious orders and the many Protestant denominations. The course then moves to a discussion of what Christians believe, and how they live out those beliefs in our society. The course deals systematically with fundamental teachings about Jesus, the Spirit, salvation, the Church, the sacraments and lay ministry.

Ethics (Senior, Semester Required)
This course is a systemic treatment of moral questions from a Christian perspective. The foundational topics are the freedom and responsibility of each person, the meaning of “conscience:” and the importance of conscience formation, and the principles of Catholic social teaching, beginning with the dignity of the human person. Major topics covered are justice in social and economic policy, business ethics, medical ethics, the ethics of war and peace, and sexual ethics.

Intro to New Testament Greek (Senior, Semester Elective)

The Spiritual Exercises. (Senior, Semester Elective)
To develop physically one does exercises (e.g., running, swimming, lifting, etc.). To develop spiritually one must also do exercises (e.g., imagining, praying, meditating, reading, reflecting, being quiet, discussing, etc.) and that is what students will do. This course is for seniors who desire a more mature spiritual life and who do not want to go to college with a grade school faith.

Global Theology (Senior, Semester Elective)

Theology Department Graduation Requirements

Three years (seven semesters) of classes are required for graduation. There is no tracking (honors, accelerated or the like) in the theology classes.