Gonzaga Preparatory School

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Theology Department Mission Statement

The Theology Department’s mission can be understood best in terms of the school’s mission to provide the intellectual and spiritual preparation necessary for the students to be Christian leaders. To assist in intellectual preparation in the subject of theology, the department works from scripture and addresses doctrinal and moral issues in all classes, and adapts its approach and methods in light of the subject matter in each class.

As regards dogma, the department’s mission is to present orthodoxy from a Catholic perspective. As regards doctrines, traditions and contemporary issues, the department’s mission is to aid students in making informed choices, by teaching skills of critical thinking, research and writing; pointing out where Christian teachings may at times be counter-cultural; providing opportunities for students to articulate their views; and encouraging discernment as an essential part of the student’s prayer life. The department’s final goal is to direct informed leaders toward service of others.