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Military Academy and ROTC Information


ROTC and Academy Officials expect applicants to take personal initiative and assume responsibility for their own application process


ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) Scholarships

If you are interested in exploring a ROTC scholarship, detailed information is online at

Navy ROTC:        http://www.nrotc.navy.mil/index.html (Includes Marine Corps option)

Air Force ROTC: https://www.afrotc.com/scholarships/

Army ROTC:        Four-Year Scholarship | goarmy.com

General Timeline:  Navy ROTC application process begins 2nd semester of junior year, Air Force ROTC application opens at the end of junior year, and the Army ROTC application period begins during 1st semester of senior year


Military Academy Applications

If you are interested in applying to a Military Academy, detailed information is available at:

Navy (Naval Academy):                                 www.usna.edu

Army (West Point):                                         www.usma.edu

Air Force (Air Force Academy):                  www.usafa.af.mil

Coast Guard (Coast Guard Academy):    www.cga.edu

Merchant Marines:                                         www.usmma.edu

General Timeline:  Application process begins during 2nd semester of junior year


Part of the application process to the military service academies (EXCEPT for the Coast Guard Academy) involves obtaining an Academy Nomination from a US Congress member (Senate or House of Representatives) from the Congressional District in which you reside.

The counties in Eastern Washington make up the 5th District.  Click here to see the two current WA state senators and your 5th district representative with links to their personal websites.  The senators’ and representative’s websites have specific information and instructions on requesting a nomination to a military service academy. (This is usually found under a “Services” tab).

Northern Idaho is in Idaho’s 1st Congressional District.  Click here to see the two current ID state senators and your 1st district representative with links to their personal websites.