Gonzaga Preparatory School

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Office of School Counseling

The school counselor's role focuses on the transition to high school and establishing strong foundations for academic success from 9th -12th grades.  Additionally, the school counselor role also focuses on supporting the student's social-emotional needs, and - to the extent possible - supporting and promoting students' mental health and wellness. 


Over four years each student's counselor provides the following services:


Academic Success

  • Provide group and individualized support for academic planning, including comprehensive four-year course planning and ongoing review to support and promote the individual student's post-secondary aspirations.
  • Work with school staff, students, and parents regarding students' academics, such as study skills, progress reports, Academic Success Center, and Learning Resource Center referrals.
  • Provide individualized support through collaboration with faculty and staff for students who are struggling academically 


Personal, Social, and Spiritual Wellness

  • Facilitate students' total development (self-esteem, sense of purpose, problem-solving abilities, spirituality).
  • Group programming and classroom lessons to support the mental wellness of all students
  • Facilitate positive communication between students, teachers, and parents.
  • Provide crisis intervention and community referrals for personal issues as needed


Our school counselor-to-student ratio stands at an impressive 1:194, with each counselor responsible for approximately 60 students per class. This ratio aligns with the American School Counselor Association's recommended 1:250 ratio and is one of the lowest in the Spokane area.


Each student is alphabetically assigned a school counselor.  Our current alphabet breakdown is reflected below.


Last Names A-D: Erin Joyce [email protected]

Last Names E-K: Sarah Long [email protected]

Last Names L-Ri: Kara King [email protected]

Last Names Ro-Z: Beth Mason [email protected]

Counseling Resource Directory
The below Counseling Resource Directory is intended to help students and families navigate and connect with various community resources. If you are interested in connecting with any of the below resources, your School Counselor would be happy to help in that process.