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Welcome to Gonzaga Preparatory School! We are a Jesuit, Catholic college preparatory school firmly rooted in the tradition of St. Ignatius Loyola. One of the hallmarks of Jesuit education is cura personalis, or care of the individual person. Our faculty and staff show care for each student, while challenging each to reach their greatest potential. We teach our students to care for each other and to show that love through deeds.


When you enroll at Gonzaga Prep you become part of a community that helps each other grow academically, athletically, spiritually, and socially. The Jesuit education you receive at Prep is both transformative and powerful. Each day you will be challenged to go forth and make the world a better place.


Cindy Reopelle, Principal

Gonzaga Preparatory School exists to support the life of the Catholic Church in the Inland Northwest by seeking to serve all families who desire for their children Catholic education in the Jesuit tradition.

Our pledge is to provide--in concert with the parents, alumni, and community--an educational opportunity which seeks to form Christian leaders spiritually, intellectually, physically, and culturally.

Guided by the Gospel values of love and justice, students are challenged to fulfill their potential as life-long learners in service to others.
With a 125 year tradition of excellence in academics, activities, and ministry, Gonzaga Prep is a leader in preparing students for life. As you walk through the doors of Gonzaga Prep, you discover a vibrant community with a strong sense of identity and purpose. From the classrooms to the playing fields, the chapel to the fine arts center-all the students, faculty and staff are meeting the challenges of today in preparation for the future.
Over a century ago, in September of 1887, Father Joseph Cataldo, S.J. along with eight other faculty members opened the doors of Gonzaga Prep. Since then the Spokane community has been served by one of the finest educational facilities in the Inland Northwest--a school that has been unmatched in developing leaders spiritually, intellectually, physically, and culturally.
Throughout its distinguished history, Gonzaga has changed with the times, but the strong belief that students should be guided by Gospel values of love and justice has endured. Gonzaga Prep continues to challenge those who walk through its doors to realize their potential as lifelong learners and leaders in service to others. Gonzaga prepares you for life.

Chair - Mike Keyes `89
JK Adams S.J.
Jim Branson `90
Darin Davidson
Gavin Doree `95
Fr. Pat Kerst `81
Angie Krauss
Steve Kuder S.J. `60
Taryn League `91
Mike Lombardo
Tamara McGregor
Bryan Pham S.J.
Katie Rieckers
John Sklut
Amanda (Scholes) Taylor `05
Rev. Happy Watkins
Melissa Wells
Clancy Welsh `90
Michelle Wheatley
Michael Dougherty

Cindy Reopelle, Principal
Marlis Petersen Spawn `85
    Vice President of Finance
Corrina (O'Brien) Kelsey `06
    Vice President
    of Advancement


Chair - Ezra Eckardt `88
David Austin `92

Jerry Bosch `77

Katie Doree `94

Al Falkner

Craig Hart `79

Jan Karel `82

Terry Kelly `76

Tom McKeirnan `87

John Moloney `74

Debbie Parelius

Claudio Phillips `79

Kevin West `81

Michael Dougherty



Douglas Berger


Marlis Petersen Spawn `85
    Vice President of Finance
Corrina (O'Brien) Kelsey `06
    Vice President
    of Advancement