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Profile of the Graduate

The Profile of the Graduate describes the characteristics of a person who seeks the fullest development of their God-given talents and puts their faith in action. Adopted more than 30 years ago and a defining characteristic of a Jesuit education, The Profile of the Graduate touches every aspect of life at Gonzaga Prep. At graduation, the Jesuit student has come to embody the ideal described in the Profile.

Jesuit education is meant to inspire a lifelong love of learning that motivates one to seek God in all things, especially at the margins.
A graduate of Gonzaga Preparatory School has matured as a person – emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially, and religiously - and has developed an openness to the diversity of the surrounding world. They are beginning to reach out beyond their comfort zone, especially in seeking opportunities to stretch their imagination and feelings. At the time of graduation, they are a person who:

ACCEPTS ONESELF WITH LOVE AND HUMILITY. Appreciates one’s unique gifts and limitations with a sense of humor and gratitude. Approaches personal growth with courage and confidence.

EMBRACES GROWTH. Is resilient and reflective in the face of failure and challenge, and understands that these experiences are essential to growth. Appreciates constructive criticism. Is courageous and confident in stepping outside of one’s comfort zone. Knows that effort and attitude impact abilities.

SEEKS OUT DIVERSE PERSPECTIVES AND EXPERIENCES. Appreciates different ideas as opportunities to learn and to develop
a broad-mindedness. Is courageous and confident in stepping outside of their comfort zone. Gives special attention to marginalized people and perspectives.   


IS HOPEFUL AND READY FOR THE FUTURE. Is ready to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world with personal responsibility, creativity, and adaptability. Works toward building the Kingdom of God.


WELCOMES LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES. Has personally experienced the opportunity and challenge of servant leadership that is characterized by humility and integrity. Is a transformative leader who seeks to foster vision, innovation, and growth in a team environment.


APPRECIATES TECHNOLOGY AS A GIFT, and sees it as useful to the extent that it supports a deeper relationship with others and God. Resists the power and temptation of technology to dehumanize, disconnect, and distract.

Jesuit education embraces its identity as part of the Catholic intellectual tradition and the search for God and Truth. A graduate of Gonzaga Preparatory School exhibits mastery of a four-year college preparatory curriculum and has developed academic competencies that exceed the requirements for college entrance. They are beginning to understand the value of curiosity that leads to scholarly contemplation and a lifelong disposition to learn. They are developing a deep respect for intellectual values, especially the need for academic integrity. At the time of graduation the student is a person who:

LOVES LEARNING. Is a lifelong learner with an innate sense of wonder, curiosity, and desire to understand the world. Has developed skills necessary for inquiry and research. Is a self-directed learner who can work independently and collaborate effectively with others. 

THINKS CRITICALLY. Uses critical thinking skills to analyze and understand complex problems. Is a principled thinker who is able to make reasoned, logical, and ethical decisions. Is able to discern the validity and bias of diverse sources of information. 

SOLVES PROBLEMS CREATIVELY. Approaches problem solving with creativity, imagination, and ingenuity. Sees the value in diverse learning styles and approaches to seeking solutions.

COMMUNICATES ELOQUENTLY.  Is able to express oneself with eloquence and confidence in many ways and in more than one language. Is a skilled writer and public speaker who can communicate complex ideas with clarity. Is an attentive listener who seeks to understand the perspective of an individual or group. 

IS KNOWLEDGEABLE. Has developed the academic skills that are necessary for college success.  Utilizes an integrated framework for conceptual understanding, exploring knowledge across a range of disciplines. Has developed the study and organizational skills that are necessary for advanced education. Is able to self-advocate effectively.

IS DEVELOPING AN INTERCULTURAL SENSITIVITY and skill set that supports effective engagement in an increasingly diverse world. Is aware of the interconnectedness of our local community with the world and the global implications of contemporary issues.

DEMONSTRATES ACADEMIC INTEGRITY. Has developed a deep respect for intellectual values that motivates a personal commitment to honesty. Sees the value of honesty and integrity in academic pursuits. Recognizes the value of original thinking and follows the voice of conscience to give credit to the intellectual property of others.

The goal of Jesuit education is to show the way to God through the person of Jesus Christ and to inspire students to become men and women who are for and with others. A graduate of Gonzaga Preparatory School demonstrates a foundational knowledge of scripture, doctrines, and practices of the Catholic Church. Having been introduced to Ignatian spirituality, the graduate is well-equipped to examine their own religious feelings and beliefs with the aim of continuing to build a relationship with God and a religious tradition and/or community. Always respectful of the conscience and religious background of students of other faith traditions, these goals apply to the non-Catholic graduate as well. A graduate of Gonzaga Preparatory school: 

HAS ENCOUNTERED JESUS CHRIST. Has experienced the presence of Christ in the mission, program, and community of Gonzaga Preparatory School. Through relationships with members of the community, they have experienced the attributes of the heart of Christ as embodied by welcome, respect, compassion, and forgiveness.


IS GROWING IN UNDERSTANDING OF THE CATHOLIC FAITH. Through academic study, has gained commensurate knowledge and understanding of scripture, doctrines, history, and practices of the Catholic Church.

CHOOSES RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD as the center of their life, identity, and purpose. Embraces the lifelong responsibility of
nurturing a personal and active faith in God and appreciates the importance of active participation in a faith community.

IS A PERSON FOR OTHERS who upholds the sacred value and dignity of the individual and the community. Understands that the
love of God implies the love of neighbor, and embodies a faith that impels them to act for justice and reconciliation.

IS A PERSON OF CONSCIENCE who practices Ignatian discernment in the making of important decisions. Appreciates that their faith must be informed by reason, and reason by faith. 

PRAYS. Recognizes prayer as fundamental to having a relationship with God. Has experienced a variety of forms of personal and
communal prayer, including Eucharist, retreats, and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.

SEEKS GOD IN ALL THINGS, and appreciates God’s presence revealed in the diversity of all faith traditions and cultures. Is committed to building bridges of understanding through interfaith dialogue and reconciliation.

Jesuit education is inspired by love: Of God, oneself, and others. A graduate of Gonzaga Preparatory School has begun to establish their own identity and move beyond self-interest or self-centeredness by forming deeper relationships with others, valuing friendships, and recognizing their place in the global community. They are increasingly empathetic and able to share personal feelings with others. At the time of graduation, the student:

KNOWS GOD’S LOVE and loves God in return. Welcomes God’s love as the foundation for loving acceptance of oneself and others. Understands that one’s true identiy is found in God and seeks to share God’s love to family, friends, and community.


GIVES GENEROUSLY. Recognizes that one’s gifts and talents achieve their highest purpose when they are devoted in service
to God and others. Is inspired to pursue a lifelong commitment and vocation to service.


FORMS HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS AND COMMUNITIES. Is empathetic and considers the feelings of others when acting, and accepts responsibility for their choices in a relationship or community. Is aware of the power of technology to limit relationships, and seeks to form relationships of compassion, forgiveness, and respect.


OVERCOMES PERSONAL PREJUDICES, biases, and stereotypes, showing the ability to relate with others and stand against discrimination and biases in all forms.


STEWARDS GOD’S CREATION. Is sensitive to the beauty and fragility of creation, and the responsibility of individuals to care for life. Understands that human sexuality is a gift from God that requires mature choices.


ACCEPTS PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR HEALTH, BALANCE, AND WELL-BEING. Has developed healthy habits and choices that reflect and nurture self-worth, including regular exercise, proper nutrition, and sleep. Seeks and welcomes help from others, and is alert to the signs of distress in others, and seeks opportunities to support and seek help for oneself and others.

Jesuit education is grounded in Catholic social teachings and emphasizes a preferential option for the poor and marginalized. A graduate of Gonzaga Preparatory School is attentive to the many needs of local and global communities and is beginning to use their time and talents to work toward the development of a more just society that promotes the inherent dignity and value of all people. They are developing an informed conscience and are preparing to enter the adult world as a competent, concerned, compassionate, and responsible person. At the time of graduation, the student:

MOVES BEYOND SELFISH TENDENCIES to confront moral ambiguities in contemporary culture and to make decisions, based on Gospel values, which are countercultural to the values of a materialistic society. Is a person for others who practices discernment to understand how God is calling them to act and serve.


PROMOTES JUSTICE. Demonstrates an understanding of the connection between personal faith and the need to work toward
a just society. Works to understand and transform the systems and structures of injustice, especially in addressing the needs of
marginalized members of society.


SEEKS RECONCILIATION. Is gaining, through experiences of Christian service, a sense of solidarity with the poor and marginalized. Seeks to be a bridge-builder who works to connect and reconcile people and communities that are in conflict.


IS GLOBALLY AWARE and recognizes the global nature of many current social problems, becoming aware of alternatives in public
policy that might lead to social justice. Works to implement local solutions to global issues. 


IS AN ENGAGED CITIZEN who accepts responsibility to promote justice through influence on public policy and civil action. Recognizes the importance of public opinion and voter influence on public policy in local, regional, national, and international arenas. Is able to engage in reasoned and respectful debate with people who hold a different opinion. 


PROTECTS THE EARTH as our common home, and recognizes the need to protect the natural environment by practicing a sustainable lifestyle based on awareness of social, economic, and environmental consequences of one’s actions.