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Student programs


Guided by our commitment to promote the dignity of all students, Gonzaga Prep expanded its offerings of affinity groups on campus. Affinity groups are student-run spaces that allow them to discuss their experiences among peers who share a common identity. Through these organizations that celebrate diversity, students develop self-awareness, build communities of support, and work to promote inclusion.

Asian Pacific Islander Club
Moderators: Patricia McArdle, [email protected]
Tefi Ma'ake, [email protected]

Black Student Union
Moderators: Brian Spraggins, [email protected]
Jim Pizelo, [email protected]

Empowerment Club
Moderators: Sarah Long, [email protected]
Brian Spraggins, [email protected]

International Students' Club
Moderator: Liz Slamkowski, [email protected]

LatinX Club
Moderator: Gerrie Cunningham, [email protected]

Native American Club
Moderator: Tefi Ma'ake, [email protected]

People Including People
Moderator: Barry Barfield; [email protected]

Heritage Week
Words Matter Campaign (2020)
Courageous Conversations 
Native American Mass

Wisdom from Elders

September 2020

In the first of a guest speaker series sponsored by the Work of Men of Color club, Fr. Peter Byrne, S.J., the Rev. Happy Watkins, and GU assistant coach Roger Powell Jr. came to the Gonzaga Prep campus to reflect on Wisdom From Elders. The Google Meet event was moderated by Director of Equity and Inclusion Ben Krauss and club president Ephraim Watkins `22.
Dr. Nsombi

February 2020

Gonzaga Prep invited EWU's Dr. Okera Nsombi to present to students, faculty, and staff for our Black History Month lecture on Wednesday. In “the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Black History,” he explored ways of oppression that are deeper than common understanding.

“[Oppressors] impose new terms on people that fit what you want them to be," he said.

As examples, he shared phrases whose origin and linguistics unwittingly perpetuate oppression. He also introduced a collection of books to students that provide a broader view of history than the common European worldview.

Capt. Meidl

November 2019

Police Capt. Tracie Meidl spoke to students on Wednesday, Nov. 6 about her career with the Spokane Police department. Women's Leadership Club sponsored her visit, where she shared insights about her experience as a woman in a male-dominated profession. “You have to constantly prove yourself.” she said. Her desire to rise in the ranks also came with a call to give back, and “to give more than I’m giving.”