Gonzaga Preparatory School

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Where we are going

Prep’s work for racial equity is best understood in the context of the Jesuit call for each of us to be companions in a mission of justice and reconciliation (Universal Apostolic Preferences). To work for justice demands that we listen to the experiences of others, paying special attention to the voices of the marginalized, in order to develop a critical consciousness that seeks to understand what is true, right, and just. In addition to listening, working for justice calls each of us to engage in earnest dialogue, and to speak up for the dignity and equality of all life. 


The pursuit of justice, while essential, is not enough. Our work for justice must be married to our deep commitment to reconciliation with God, neighbor, and especially one’s perceived enemies. Our commitment to reconciliation requires that we reach out to build bridges of understanding, empathy, and forgiveness, most especially as we work for justice. The work of justice and reconciliation are inseparable, and neither can reach their fulfillment without a fundamental commitment to being in relationship. 


The Equity and Inclusion Taskforce was created to support the development of an institutional strategy and action plan for advancing equity and inclusion at Gonzaga Prep. Stay tuned in the months ahead as the Taskforce as the school lays out intentional goals, initiatives, and progress.