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Community Partners

Gonzaga Preparatory School is proud to partner with local schools, agencies, non-profits, churches, hospitals, and other service providers throughout the Spokane region. Through these partnerships, Gonzaga Preparatory students have the opportunity to accompany and learn from the poor, marginalized, neglected, disempowered, and disadvantaged of our region and our world. 

About our Senior Program 
As of Fall 2016, the Service & Justice program at Gonzaga Preparatory School provides a required semester-long course for all graduating seniors. The course, inclusive of seminar and direct site placement, serves to introduce students to new narratives and voices – those of children, teenagers, adults, and elderly from all backgrounds, contexts, and abilities – from which they are challenged to make meaning, evaluate their own contextual influences, and more fully understand the values of informed action. 

The Social Justice course at Gonzaga Preparatory is designed to reflect the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm, which explores the necessary relationship between experience, reflection, and action – and the important role of context and evaluation in that relationship. 

We hope our Service & Justice program will support students in fulfilling our Mission’s pledge to “form Christian leaders spiritually, intellectually, physically, and culturally” and to become “lifelong learners in service to others.”  

The Role of the Placement Site
For decades, Gonzaga Preparatory students have earned the accolades of countless community partners for their maturity, positivity, and work ethic. As many of our placements know, Bullpups often tend to stay on as volunteers long after their school placement – some even become employed! 

While our students work with you, we hope they gain valuable experience through supporting your work and mission. Our students are there to support you, to engage those you support, and learn from their experiences. 

What We Ask
We try to ask as little as possible of our site placements, while still honoring the needs of our students, parents, and academic merit.  The following are requirements of the Service & Justice program site placements:

  • Able or willing to accommodate student academic schedules (most of which are mid-day) and school holidays
  • End of term evaluation (for each student) by site-supervisor
  • Maintained student “sign in/out” attendance record; collected by G-Prep Service & Justice Director monthly
  • Communication of student tardiness, absence, or misconduct to G-Prep Service & Justice Director
  • Able or willing to allow minors to serve (with parental consent)

Partner With Us!
If you think Gonzaga Preparatory School can support your school, agency, or organization, we want to hear from you. Please email the Director of Service & Justice, Liz Slamkowski, at [email protected]