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Summer School 2021

2021 Gonzaga Preparatory ONLINE Summer School
June 28th - July 28th
Due to the impact of COVID, Gonzaga Prep is partnering with Red Comet to offer online summer school classes for students to make up lost credits during the school year. Gonzaga Prep has worked with Red Comet in the past to help students retrieve credits. More information will be coming soon, but here are some general details:
      • The link to register with Red Comet will be available on June 18th and you will be notified if you need to take Summer School classes to be able to return to Gonzaga Prep in the fall.
      • The student will register with Red Comet directly.
      • The courses will be completely online, taught by a Red Comet instructor.
      • The cost per course is $175.
      • The summer school will start on June 28th and end on July 28th.
      • The courses are self-paced, but there are weekly goals that students need to meet to show progress. Each Red Comet instructor will provide the instruction, course objectives, and assignments.
      • Once the student has completed the course, Red Comet will send Gonzaga Prep a transcript and the student will receive credit for the course toward graduation. The grade in the Red Comet course will replace the previous course grade in the GPA calculation even though the original grade will still show on the transcript.
If you have questions concerning the Gonzaga Preparatory Summer school program, contact Karen Round at Gonzaga Prep via email, kround@gprep.com.