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Arrupe and Ignatian Scholars

Arrupe Scholars:
Each year the top ten percent of the freshman class is invited to apply for the Arrupe Scholar designation. This invitation, for a renewable merit-based scholarship, is only offered to a select number of students based on an applicant’s placement test score, grade point average, and strong academic potential.

The Arrupe Scholars are selected by a committee of administrators and teachers. The selection is based on student test scores, student essay, and the teacher's recommendation. Each Arrupe Scholar has been awarded a $1,000 scholarship towards tuition each year, totaling $4,000 over the course of their enrollment at Gonzaga Prep. The student's academic profile is a tribute to the student's family, the student's teachers, and most importantly the student's hard work!

Congratulations to the following students who received the Fr. Pedro Arrupe Merit Scholarship from the class of 2023:


  • Kaitlyn Balmforth
  • Luke Decker
  • Ryan Dougherty
  • Maxwell Johnson
  • Lucas Manfred
  • Caleb Nordhagen
  • Derek Phipps
  • Calvin Santangelo
  • Griffin Satterfield
  • Jacob Thompson
  • John Thompson
  • Aidyn Whitehead
Ignatian Scholars:
Those applying but not receiving the Arrupe Scholar designation were awarded the Ignatian Scholar designation. These students take advantage of their education by pursuing academic excellence in the service of others.
Congratulations to the following students who are honored as Ignatian Scholars from the class of 2023:


  • Ella Baker
  • Gabrielle Benson
  • Dillon Blume
  • Andrew Happy
  • Lance Harvey
  • Lucy Lynn
  • Luke Miller
  • David Nguyen
  • Romir Rajeev
  • Emily Rasmussen
  • Christian Schueller
  • Neharika Sharma
  • Caroline Shepherd
  • Joseph Shields
  • Christopher Shirley
  • Allyson Standiford
  • Maria Stephanis
  • Robert Strahl
  • Natalie Valley
  • Jack Wendle
  • Jamie Wright
  • Jack Wieneck