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Athletic Expectations/Code

The Mission Statement states that the school provides "in concert with the parents and community, an educational opportunity which seeks to form Christian leaders spiritually, intellectually, physically and culturally." In support, the athletic
department sets forth the following goals:
  1. To support and contribute to the goals of the total education program.
  2. To promote high standards and involvement in school athletics.
  3. To develop good sportsmanship, fair play, discipline, and leadership.
  4. To develop physical excellence and understanding of the value of competition in our society.
Gonzaga Prep is a 4A school in the Greater Spokane League. Programs are offered for the following sports on the junior high and high school level of competition:
  • Men: Cross country, football, basketball, wrestling, soccer, baseball, track, golf, tennis.
  • Women: Cross country, soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, track, golf, tennis.
Many activities are available to students. We are an active student body and strongly encourage everyone to participate in at least one activity each year.

In order to turn out for and/or remain a member of any Gonzaga Prep athletic team, a student must meet the following requirements:
  1. be under 20 years of age at the beginning of the sport season,
  2. have passed five full time subjects in the previous semester, and currently be passing in at least five full time subjects,
  3. have been in attendance the previous semester,
  4. have passed a physical examination and yearly update,
  5. have proof of insurance coverage on file in the AC’s office,
  6. be in attendance for all classes on the day of a practice or interscholastic competition (exceptions to this require permission of the principal/designee prior to participation.), and
  7. have not exceeded or reached the limit of four consecutive years of eligibility after entering the 9th grade,
  8. not lost amateur standing. Transfer students must clear their athletic eligibility through the Vice Principal for Activities,
  9. a student cannot permit or authorize the use of that individual student’s name and/or picture, a school or school team name and/or picture(s) to directly advertise, recommend, or promote a commercial product or service.
All students participating in athletics are required to comply with the rules and regulations of the school and will submit to the reasonable discipline of school authorities. Any participant who willfully performs any act which materially interferes with or is detrimental to the orderly operation of the school's athletic program shall be subject to athletic discipline, athletic probation or athletic expulsion. Such acts shall include, but not be limited to, those enumerated below. The following acts by a participant on school premises or off school premises at any school-sponsored activity shall constitute sufficient cause for athletic discipline, athletic suspension, or athletic expulsion: disruptive conduct; disobedience of reasonable instructions of school authorities; refusal to identify oneself; unauthorized absence from turnout or activity; cheating; immoral conduct; vulgarity or profanity; destruction or defacing of property; extortion or intimidation of another student or staff member; assault of another student or staff member; stealing; lack of athletic performance consistent with the student's ability; possession or use of any dangerous weapons or objects; and the commission of any criminal act as defined by law.

Gonzaga Prep expects all students to abide by the Substance Abuse Policy. Violations of this code by participants shall constitute sufficient cause for athletic discipline, athletic probation, or athletic expulsion. All students, whether an athlete or not, shall also incur stated disciplinary consequences for violations of the Substance Abuse code. Coaches and activity advisors are encouraged to place additional behavioral requirements (e.g. off-campus drug/alcohol use) on participants. However, these additional requirements must be clearly stated in writing before the beginning of the athletic season.

The use of legend drugs/anabolic steroids is penalized through RCW 69.41.020 - 69.41.050. On the first violation, the athlete is ineligible for the remainder of the season. On the second violation, the athlete is ineligible for one calendar year. On the third violation, the athlete is permanently prohibited from participation.
Violations of the school’s substance abuse policy regarding alcohol, drugs, or tobacco will result in the following athletic disciplinary actions:
  • 1st OFFENSE: The athlete will be on probation for the remainder of the season and is ineligible for the next event for a sport with 10 or fewer events, or the next two events for a sport with more than 10 events. The athlete will be required to attend in a timely manner an education course specific to the violation at the direction of the school counselor.
  • 2nd OFFENSE: The athlete will be expelled from participation in the athletic program for the remainder of the season.
  • 3rd OFFENSE: The athlete will be prohibited from participation in the athletic program for one academic year.
Any athlete, parent, or guardian who is aggrieved by any athletic/activity probation, or expulsion has the right to an informal conference with the principal or his/her designee and any other staff member involved.

School owned equipment checked out by a participant is his/her responsibility. Loss or misuse of this equipment will be the financial obligation of the participant.
The participant must use school provided transportation unless other school-approved arrangements have been agreed to by the moderator. In addition to this athletic code/ contract, teams or participants may be required to adhere to rules which are unique to a particular activity. Such rules will be given to the participant at the beginning of the season and shall have been approved by the school administration.