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Track & Field

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WIAA State Track Meet 4th Place Boys 1985
Greater Spokane League Champion Girls 1981
 Mission Statement
While upholding our school’s mission statement, the Gonzaga Preparatory Track and Field Program strives to make each athlete’s experience fun, challenging, and rewarding. Additionally, family, academics, and sportsmanship are strongly emphasized. Ultimately, our program is designed to enhance the Gonzaga Preparatory School experience.
Three Tenets of Track and Field
Believe - Love -Trust
As a staff, we came together and discussed having tenets or qualities as points of emphasis in our daily coaching and interactions with athletes.  The three words Believe, Love, and Trust are strong words, ideas, characteristics, qualities, and actions. As tenets, our coaching staff aims to model and build upon these ideas in our event groups and as an entire team.  We hope to build future leaders and impart a culture of "Believe Love Trust" before athletes leave our program.
Welcome Parents and Athletes,
Every student is welcome to participate in Track and Field at Gonzaga Prep.  Every athlete who maintains academic excellence and commits to daily practices will have the opportunity to represent Gonzaga Prep in competition at the JV or Varsity level.  Every athlete will have the opportunity to compete in a season championship: the GSL Sub-District meet(top 16 athletes in the GSL) or the Frosh-JV Championships.  Athletes who qualify for the sub-district meet will be competing to qualify for the regional District 8 championship meet.
Again, all interested Athletes should fill out the Track and Field Survey, please click the following link:

Athletes must be on the official roster by the first week of April, 2020 essentially making the last week in March the last chance to join the team. ALL athletes must have 10 practices completed before they can compete.