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Science Department Philosophy Statement

The purpose of the science department at Gonzaga Prep is to instill in our students an appreciation of God’s creation through the study of science, its relationship to their lives and its importance in the spectrum of educational values. We encourage students to open their eyes to phenomena occurring around them and then help them formulate in their own minds an overall picture of the natural world in which they live.

Science Department Goals

  • To provide contemporary instruction and learning environments in a wide variety of science courses, which will prepare the graduating senior for future science course work at any college or university to which they may be accepted
  • To foster in students critical thinking skills through the use of the scientific method
  • To stimulate interest in the sciences and science-related careers
  • To encourage stewardship of the environment
  • To model the study of science in a Christian context
  • To show, by example, that it is possible to be both a Christian and a scientist