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Course Descriptions

This is a one-year introduction to contemporary theories in the life sciences. Topics include: cell structure and function; cell reproduction and genetics; life systems; evolution; and ecology. This course is highly lab oriented and seeks to prepare students for future science study, and for life.

A two-semester college prep lab course. This course Includes instruction in introductory anatomy, cell structure, genetics, molecular biology, botany, zoology and ecology.
No prerequisites. Juniors have preference.

AP Biology is designed to be the equivalent of a first year general biology course in college. Students in AP Biology visit topics to a greater depth and experience laboratory settings at a level of complexity that far exceeds a standard high school biology setting. Students experience college level curricula by using a college level text, by lecture/discussion settings and by intensive experimentation that reinforces major concepts. Enrolled students should expect a substantial time commitment to complete assigned work outside of class and should plan on making themselves available on lab days to come in early or stay later to complete objectives. At the end of the course, students are expected to take the AP exam in Biology.
Prerequisites: Biology/Honors Biology/Chemistry/Honors Chemistry and 3.2 GPA

This senior elective biology course is a survey of the Kingdom Animalia. Course work is centered around laboratory instruction and lecture as we investigate the evolution and adaptation of animals. Special attention will also be given to ecology and contemporary environmental issues.
Prerequisites: Biology, Chemistry and 3.0 GPA.

This two semester college prep lab course covers atomic and molecular structure, stoichiometry, ionic equilibria, kinetic-molecular theory of gases, organic and inorganic chemistry, redox reactions, elementary thermochemistry, thermodynamics and nuclear chemistry.
Prerequisites: 3.2 GPA, current enrollment in Algebra II/Trig. Sophomores have preference.

A two-semester lab course that covers the same topics as the honors chemistry course, but each in less depth and with less emphasis on problem solving.
No prerequisites. Open to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.

AP Chemistry is designed to be the equivalent of a first year general chemistry course in college. Students in AP chemistry attain a great depth of understanding of fundamental concepts as well as a reasonable competence in dealing with chemical problems. This is done through a college level textbook, rigorous coverage of topics, emphasis on chemical calculations and mathematical formulations of principles, and college level laboratory work. At the end of the course, students are expected to take the AP exam in chemistry.
While AP Chemistry does involve a serious time commitment both at home and at school, the course enables the students, once they get to college, to undertake, as freshman, second-year work in the chemistry sequence at their college or to register in courses in other fields where general chemistry is a prerequisite.
Prerequisites: Chemistry/Honors Chemistry, Algebra II/Trig.

An applied-mathematics oriented two-semester college prep lab science. Topics covered include mechanics, heat, sound, electricity/magnetism and optics. Calculus is not necessary, but good math ability recommended.
Prerequisites: Algebra II/Trig and 3.2 GPA. Seniors have preference.

This is a two-semester lab course covering the same topics as the honors physics course but with less emphasis on problem solving.
Prerequisites: Algebra II/Trig. Seniors have preference.

Anatomy and Physiology
This is a one-semester course that focuses attention on the Human Body. The course provides an introduction to topics in Anatomy and Physiology through lecture and lab settings. Major body systems are addressed with attention to both structure and function. Seniors have preference, but it is available to juniors subject to available space.