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Welcome to Gonzaga Prep Cheerleading!
Gonzaga Prep Cheerleaders strive to reflect Ignatian Leadership - we are all leaders, all the time, and make cheerleading an integral way of living.  Being a leader is about who we are, as much as what we do.  We hope to represent Prep proudly by having positive attitudes and conveying excitement for our school and our community.  We will show care and concern for all, and hope to be persons for others.
"Many people think leadership is telling other people what to do.  But leadership is really about making the people around you better."
2021-2022 Cheerleading Squad!
Olivia Arnold
Emily Chan
Izzy Charter
Maddy Charter
Emma Crooks
Emma DeLeon
Gabby Funaro
Ryan Ham
Julia Konesky
Sophia Lindquist
Reagan Louie
Hayden Malone
Kwynci Peters
Amy Phan
Ashley Rose
Ciera Schumaker
Serena Shannon
Tabitha Sweeney
Sofia Visintainer
Aidyn Whitehead