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Tryout Information

During the tryout process, all require forms and information can be found here.

Dear Potential Cheerleader:


We are excited about the 2018-2019 season and hope that you are eager to take part in the cheerleading program!  We’ve started a new chapter in cheerleading here at Gonzaga Prep and we hope that you will decide to try out for the squad!  As a cheerleader, you make the commitment to assume a leadership and support role for your school. 

Cheerleading is a HUGE commitment (both physically, time-wise, and financially), and dedication from its members is non-negotiable.  We ask that you reflect on this individually and with your parents/family.  Our vision for the next season will take some understanding, time, energy, athleticism and commitment, but we promise it will be rewarding and fun.  THE CHEERLEADING SQUAD WILL LIVE IN SERVICE TO THE GONZAGA PREP COMMUNITY.  We want to better serve the athletes, students, alumni, parents, and the greater school community.  It is required that you conduct yourself graciously, responsibly, and respectfully around everyone you come in contact with.  When you’re on this squad, you are an extension of Prep, and therefore must represent Prep to your best ability.  You will be at practices in the summer, but also during the school year.  You will volunteer at various community events and participate in team bonding activities.  You will be at games…a lot of them.  And, of course, you will be at Pep Cons and other Prep events.  As a cheerleader, commit yourself and your character to the team. 


Know that we are here should you need anything or have any questions.  It is truly a privilege to be chosen for one of these positions, but can be one of the best experiences of your high school career.  It was for us, and our main goal is to make sure it will be for you!



Bullpup Blessings,


Coach Adriana                        Coach Emily                           Coach Ashley