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Course Descriptions

Fine Art Department Course Descriptions

Art I

Students are introduced to the basic elements and principles of art through hands on experience. Areas of study include art appreciation, drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, computer graphics, and basic design.
Class Fee

Art II

Continuation of Art 1 and includes a more in depth study of graphic design, artistic styles and techniques. Areas of study include drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, computer graphics and art appreciation.
Prerequisite - Art 1
Class Fee


Continuation of Art 2 and focuses on preparation for the Advanced Placement Studio Art Portfolio curriculum. Advanced problems are introduced in all areas of design, drawing, printmaking, painting and ceramics.
Prerequisite - Art 2
Class Fee

Art IV

Continuation of Art III but designed for those students that do not want to pursue the Advanced Placement curriculum Students are encouraged to develop their own artistic style and work in the media of their choice.
Prerequisite - Art III
Class Fee

AP Studio Art

Students work in a directed independent study in preparation for submitting a portfolio of work in 2D, 3D or drawing to the College Board exam.
Prerequisite - Art III and special permission
Class Fee

Photography I&II

The focus of this class will be 35mm photography as an art form. Students will learn good picture taking techniques, camera mechanics, dark room techniques of developing and printing film. Students will have the opportunity to focus on digital photography and photo editing in Adobe Photoshop.
Prerequisite - Art 1
Class Fee

Ceramics I&II

This course is designed for the student that would like to concentrate on the use of clay as an art medium. Students will learn the basic techniques of design, hand building, wheel throwing, glaze composition, and firing methods. Each student will produce 15 to 20 ceramic pieces during the semester.
Prerequisite - Art 1
Class Fee

Beginning Drama

This course is designed to give students an opportunity to sample drama and the theater in many forms through history, improvisation, and monologue and scene creation, with script and performance reviews. The emphasis on the development of reading, writing, speaking, listening and critical thinking skills will prepare students for higher level courses at high school and university levels. Expository and creative writing assignments, journal writing, and dramatic and oral presentations are among the activities through which these skills will be developed.

Advanced Drama

The intention of the Advanced Drama course is to expose students to a multitude of experiences in the theatrical arts and provide professional opportunities for the application of those experiences. The Advanced Drama student will have the opportunity to take four different classes over a four year rotation period, studying the concepts of advanced acting, directing, stage design, and the creation of a professional, competitive, working theater troupe. The goal of this course is for students to leave the class with an in depth and professional knowledge of all aspects of live theater.

Technical Theater

The intention of the Introduction to Broadcasting/Multimedia course is to provide students with an opportunity to experience and practice a multitude of broadcast, techniques and professional applications in an open, creative, and supportive environment. The intro student will be exposed to all aspects of broadcast media, including audio, visual, and internet web design and streaming video.

Concert Choir

This Freshman level choir is the entry level course for the program. Students perform music from a wide variety of styles, eras, and cultures, spend time developing literacy and listening skills, and compete at two choral festivals during the year.
Phase II Women's Choir

This choir is designed for sophomore women. Literacy, ear training, and female vocal technique is the focus of this course. Phases II women participate in choir tours, and several festivals throughout the year.
Symphonic Choir

This choir is made up of students in grades 10-12. Including nearly 50 students, male and female, they perform a wide variety of challenging music from the motets of Maurice Durufle to Spirituals of Moses Hogan. Symphonic Choir houses 8 section leaders and our own choir student government. They perform at festivals and schools throughout the Northwest.
Prerequisite - 1 year of choir or teacher permission

Jazz Connection

Jazz connection is an award-winning vocal jazz ensemble, that consists of 20 of Gonzaga Prep's most motivated and talented vocalists. Jazz Connection performs very challenging and exciting repertoire. They perform regularly in the Prep community, Spokane area, and participate in numerous festivals and competitions throughout the year.
Prerequisites - 1 year of choir, currently enrolled in Symphonic or Phase II, audition, and/or teacher permission.

Jazz Band

This is a performance oriented class, designed to expose students to a variety of techniques and styles related to Jazz. Through work on literature students should learn the fundamentals or Jazz History, Contemporary Jazz, Jazz Literature, Improvisation, Chord structure, Artists, and Music Theory.
Wind Ensemble

This a performance oriented class designed to give Band students a more advanced understanding of all the basic music fundamentals, including scales, rhythms, intonation, balance, music literature, music history, and basic music theory. The intention is to give students an opportunity for growth to a collegiate level of performance. Students will also be a part of Pep Band, exposing them to contemporary literature on their instrument.

Concert Band

This is a freshman class designed to make sure that students have a proficient knowledge of basic skills related to a Wind Band. This includes a profiecient understanding of scales, rhythms, intonation, balance, and basic literature. Also students will learn about, and be a part of Pep Band, exposing them to contemporary literature on their instrument. This class will be performance driven.


This is a performance oriented class for instruments that make up a string orchestra. The hope is to reach all students to allow the growth in the areas of scales, rhythms, intonation, balance, music literature, music history, and basic music theory. Students will also abe a a part of the liturgy ensemble that plays at all school Mass, so as to expose them to a variety of liturgical music, both traditional and contemporary. The intention is to give students an opportunity for growth to a collegiate level of performance

Beginning Debate

This class meets during the school day and is designed for both beginning and advanced debaters. Students will compete in tournaments on the local, state and national levels.
Advanced Debate

This class meets during "0" hour.
Course Fee