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Philosophy Statement

Fine Arts Department Philosophy Statement
The visual and performing arts are considered essential components in the education of students at Gonzaga Preparatory School and the successful fulfillment of its mission. We strive to prepare our students to be creative and critical thinkers, artists, participants and patrons in the arts through outstanding teaching and background preparation. We work to create an interdisciplinary, intercultural, and creative community. The students are trained to be producers of art and a source of knowledge and motivation for the larger Prep community. We encourage the exploration of values, attitudes, and standards through the arts by introducing the student to a broad range of concepts focusing on the human response to moral, historical, philosophical and creative interests while fostering creativity and the dissemination of information through open and free discussion.
Our students learn the skills and creative concepts associated with various artistic disciplines through the use of a wide variety of technological tools ranging from analog to digital. Thus students are provided a grounding in historical methods of artistic expression but also prepared for a fast changing and complex digital world and the new tools that are revolutionizing the field of art.
As a Jesuit school, we emphasize the uniqueness and acceptance of each person, encourage a life long openness to growth; love and acceptance of self and provide a realistic knowledge of the world and its structures. The highest standards in all things are our aspiration along with preparing our students for active participation in the community for the service of others.