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International Travel

“In this new world of instant communication and digital technology, of worldwide markets, and of a universal aspiration for peace and well being, we are faced with growing tensions and paradoxes: we live in a culture that shows partiality to autonomy and the present, and yet we have a world so much in need of building a future in solidarity; we have better ways of communication but often experience isolation and exclusion."

~35th General Congregation


The world has become smaller.  Much can be done with technology to bring life and experiences from around the world into our small corner of the Pacific Northwest.  Despite this, as Jesuit institutions we are called to achieving depth.  Educational travel opportunities provide a depth of experience that students cannot get from staying in Spokane.  Gonzaga Prep offers a select number of such opportunities to continue to seek depth in our students’ experiences. 

International travel groups are planned to introduce Gonzaga Prep students to the world community. Each trip has one or more faculty members who work with parents and students for planning, fundraising and all pre-trip education, as well as acting as trip moderator.
England Moderators:
Mike Carroll
Colin Steigleder
Email Contacts:

France & Spain Moderator:
Britt Green
Email contact:

Costa Rica Moderator:
Joelle Traynor
Email contact: