Gonzaga Preparatory School

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As a student volunteer group on campus, we are dedicated to serving prospective students, parents, alumni and the Prep community. Our Service manifests itself in the following ways:


  • On-campus tours
  • Assist with Open House
  • Host prospective students
  • Assists with Orientation
  • Support the Admissions Office
  • Outreach to Catholic Grade Schools
  • Service to Gonzaga Prep to the public


We take pride in our privileged designation as Ambassadors and work toward making vital contributions to Admissions and to Gonzaga Prep. We strive to enhance the academic, social and spiritual aspects of Gonzaga Prep by living as model students. We represent the school to the highest of our ability. We are dedicated to our education, Gonzaga Prep, and its mission.


Sophomore Ambassadors host over 300 visitors each year, as well as help, provide over 200 tours. The club not only focuses on working with prospective students and families but participates in leadership activities throughout the year. 


**Students apply to this club at the end of their freshman year. Roughly 70 – 80 Ambassadors are selected each year. The Ambassadors Club meets during "Community" (when available) or Tuesday at lunch. 
Moderator: Alix Lee,  [email protected]