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Course Descriptions

History Department Course Descriptions

World History
World history is a freshman/sophomore level class. It is a survey of the history and development of world civilizations from antiquity through the 20th century. In addition, students will be introduced to political and physical geography and the role geography plays in the development of civilizations.

U.S. History
A full year course covering the background, experience, political thought, and development of the American people. Stressed are critical reading, insights, and skills which are building blocks to success both in high school and college.
Prerequisite: junior.

Advanced Placement U.S. History
This is a college level course for the student who wishes an in-depth study of American history. Critical reading and writing techniques are emphasized. The student has an opportunity to delve deeply into the American background in an attempt to gain a much greater evaluation of the American experience. Primary sources in history, literature, and society are utilized.
Prerequisites: History Department approval, juniors only. Fulfills junior history requirement.

Advanced Placement European History
This is a course in European History from the Reformation to the present. It is for the better student who wishes to have a more in-depth study of major phases of Western civilization. It will afford the student the opportunity to read, write and learn about the great leaders and their ideas which have shaped and been the basis of many of our 20th Century ideas.
Prerequisite: History Department approval, seniors only. Fulfills senior history requirement.

Senior History Electives
Contemporary World Affairs and American Government
U.S. Since 1945
Age of Genocide

History Department Graduation Requirements

3 years required for graduation. One year must be World History and one year must be United States History. Senior year allows for students to select elective courses.

Course Sequence:
  • World History-- 9th or 10th grade
  • AP World History-- 9th or 10th grade
  • United States History--11th grade
  • AP U.S. History--11th grade
  • Contemporary World Affairs and American Government--12th grade
  • U.S. Since 1945--12th grade
  • Age of Genocide--12th grade
  • AP European History--12th grade
  • AP Government and Politics--12th grade