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Green Team

Gonzaga Prep Green Team seeks to educate students about the environmental issues, learn about the effect of garbage on the planet, build an effective compost system in the student center, promote and enforce composting in the cafeteria, continue to find ways to make the compost system more efficient, and educate the Gonzaga Prep community about compost. To promote lifelong stewardship of the environment.

Our club's mission coincides with the school Mission Statement in several ways. Part of living a spiritual life involves connecting with the natural world and sustaining practices that will improve the world around us. Furthermore, Gonzaga Prep students are encouraged to become "life-long learners in service to others," and Compost Club's members will do just that by learning more about the environment, taking action, and teaching the Prep community how to follow in their steps.

Green Team meets monthly at times designated by the leadership team.

Karen Round, [email protected]