Gonzaga Preparatory School

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Christian Birrer


Degrees/Endorsements: B.A. in English and M.A. in Literacy (Emphasis on Writing)

Years at Prep: 27

For Christian Birrer, some of greatest benefits of working at Gonzaga Prep have to do with the people he gets to see each school day. He loves the opportunity to work with some of his best friends as well as the chance to work with students who have potential to effect positive change in the world. For the last 27 years at Prep, Birrer has dedicated himself to instilling in students the value of writing effectively and the importance of seeing the world from different perspectives. Birrer is looking forward to having his daughter in his Honors English class this year and continuing conversations about the literature. “I hope she is still talking to me by the end of the year and that I don't embarrass her too badly,” said Birrer.

Outside of school, Birrer loves skiing, writing, mountain biking, reading, playing video games, and traveling with his family.