Gonzaga Preparatory School

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Thomas V. Flanagan


Degrees: BS Biology, J.D. from University of Connecticut School of Law, MA Biochemistry, Philosophy Baccalaureate

Years at Prep: 19

Thomas Flanagan, better known as the Flanman, has been teaching Chemistry at Gonzaga Prep for 19 years. He also plans liturgies and serves as a sacristan for the chapel. Prior to working at Prep, Flanagan was in the Society of Jesus for eight years and worked as a patent attorney with the Navy. When asked how he sees students at Gonzaga Prep transform throughout the years, Flanagan said, “I watch them become more comfortable in accepting who they are before God and I also watch them become more discerning and more questioning of the world and society.” He sees Prep as a loving and caring community where all are welcome and respected.

In his free time, Thomas can be found in any local library or museum, researching the history of old US Highway 10, the highway pre-dated I-90.