Gonzaga Preparatory School

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Karen McLeod

Degrees: Bachelors of Arts in Theology from Carroll College, currently earning a MA in Theology from Gonzaga University

Years at Prep: 4

Karen McLeod is a Theology teacher and department chair at Gonzaga Prep who has been part of the Prep community for the last four years. She previously worked as a Youth Ministry Coordinator for the Diocese of Helena, MT. When asked about the transformation of students at Prep, McLeod replied, “I see students expanding their understanding of the world and their role in it. From freshman year to senior year, I see students have a moment of realization that their lives can be mission driven and purposeful as they encounter one another and the world beyond Prep.” McLeod believes that Prep is a place where you will feel cared for and supported. She said it is both an inviting and a challenging environment for the students to prepare for adulthood.

In her free time, she can be found in coffee shops working toward her MA in Theology and Leadership at Gonzaga University, or enjoying the outdoors.