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103,532lbs of Food Generously Donated!

During this holiday season, we are often called to give thanks for our many blessings; we celebrate the people and things in our life that make us whole, give us life, and renew our hope in one another. The completion of our Food Drive today is a reminder of many things, but most especially of our Christian calling to see God in all things and all people, to give thanks to God for our many good fortunes, and to lift up our suffering brothers and sisters through solidarity and action.
The Gonzaga Prep Food Drive is a longstanding community tradition. This year, we are supporting a record 194 families, totaling more than 1,300 individual people – each of whom receive hundreds of pounds of food, a turkey, and a pumpkin pie. We also support many organizations and community groups, including 2nd Harvest Food Bank, Morningstar Baptist Church, Catholic Charities, the Colville Tribe, the Spokane Tribe, and more.
This year's drive is a momentary interruption of an often vicious and complex cycle of poverty. By donating food, we offer the gift of hope – a gift which we undoubtedly receive as well. To support families in need throughout the year, please visit the 2nd Harvest Food Bank (www.2-harvest.org) for a list of emergency food banks, or visit Poverty USA at (www.povertyusa.org) to learn more.
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