Gonzaga Preparatory School

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Gonzaga Prep Students @ Spokane Scholars

"A total of $60,000 was doled out to four students in each of six categories: math, science, world languages, social studies, fine arts and English. The top winners in each category received $4,000. Others won awards of $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000." - Spokesman Review

Also present at the 25th annual banquet was Gonzaga Prep alumnus and guest speaker, Parker Barrile`99. As a senior Parker won spokane scholar for mathematics, science and an honoree in social studies... MORE

Gonzaga Prep took home the most awards(3) and the most scholarship money($8,000) of any of the 26 participating schools:

Math:  Ella McKeirnan won the top prize $4000 (only the 2nd female to win the top prize in math since 1994)

English: Lizzy Marcinkowski second place $3000

Fine arts: Grace Ganz

Science: Peter Colvin fourth place $1000

Social Studies: Katie Joy

World Language: Aeva Schrambach 


Check out the article by the Spokesman Review

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